Top 10 AC Brands in India (2020) Buying Review

Buy Top 10 AC Brands in India

Buy Top 10 AC Brands in India

Air conditioners or simply ACs have now become very common in middle-class Indian households too. And seeing this, many companies are competing against each other to make the most reliable AC’s. Be it summer or winter or autumn or any other season, people are now very used to being under the air of AC’s, and that is why it is important to choose the best AC for your home so that you can be relieved of the effects of hot temperature in the most parts of India. So here are the top 10 AC brands of India.

List of top 10 AC brands in India (2020)

1. Voltas :

voltas ac - Buy Top 10 AC Brands in India

voltas ac – Buy Top 10 AC Brands in India

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Let’s start at the top Voltas is considered to be the best manufacturer of air conditioners all over India. It belongs to the TATA group. Since it is a sector of the TATA group, it is also heavily trusted by the Indian customers. The company was launched in 1954 at Mumbai. The price range of air conditioners from Voltas range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 55,000 and it is equipped with all of the latest technologies that other companies offer too. One thing that makes this AC special is its low power consumption.

2. Samsung :

Samsung AC

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Even though Samsung is not an Indian company, it is still trusted by millions of people in India. It is because of all the goodwill, Samsung has been able to build over the years by providing quality products to its customers and then backing it up by good customer support too. Samsung is a very big company globally; hence, it installs all the latest and cool technologies in its air conditioners. Its air conditioners are priced between a range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000.

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3. Hitachi :

Hitachi AC

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Hitachi is a very big multinational company which is based in Tokyo, Japan. It was found in 1920. By providing world-class technology at a very economical price, Hitachi won people’s hearts over in India. It is a heavy-duty manufacturer of air conditioners. All of the air conditioners of Hitachi are smart air conditioners. Hitachi prices its air conditioners between a range of Rs 25,000 to Rs 75,000. It provides air AC’s of 1 ton, 2 ton and 5 ton as well.

4. Daikin :

Daikin AC

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Daikin is also based in Japan. It was found in 1924. It was able to capture the Indian market because of its economical price and the quality of products that it offered against a very reasonable price. Its air conditioners range from Rs 18,000 to Rs 50,000. Some of the most sold Daikin air conditioners are – Daikin inverter FTKP50PRV16 split AC and Daikin air conditioner inverter AC FTKD71. All of its AC’s have a premium build and are equipped with smart technologies. It is available in both window AC and split AC.

5. Blue Star :

Blue Star AC

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You might not have heard about this company a lot, but you must have seen some of its products in your home when you were a child and your parents must be very familiar with this company. It is an Indian company which was established before the independence of India. It is one of the oldest Indian AC brands. Its products are premium and it is not famous amongst Indian customers only but also in the international markets. Blue Star AC’s range from Rs 22,000 to Rs 1, 00,000, and are mostly purchased by hotels, banks, and other commercial places.

6. LG :


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LG is one of the most reputable companies in the Indian market. It has a very big share of the Indian market captured. LG is a South Korean company. Almost every Indian household has its products. It is known for providing quality and high-performance products. Its AC’s range from Rs 18,000 to Rs 78,000 and some of the features that are common in almost every AC from LG are:
• Auto cleaning and dual protection
• It has AC’s with a star rating from 1 to 5.
• Warranty of 5 years from the company.
• It is available in both window and split AC.

7. Whirpool :

whirlpool ac

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Whirpool is also a familiar name in the Indian market. It has a strong sense of capturing the Indian markets by making clever advertisements. You must have heard its iconic advertisement song where it highlights Whirpool. Owing to that, it has been one of the top-selling air conditioning brands of India. It prices its AC’s in the range of Rs 32,000 to Rs 55,000. It is a company from Michigan, US. It also provides some very cool features in its AC’s such as:
• It can auto clean. It also has an auto-swing feature.
• It has a dual compressor and climate control feature added too.
• It is available in both window and split AC models.
• It comes all the 1 to 5-star ACs.

8. Carrier :

carrier ac

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Carrier is another company in the list that has made a good name for itself in the Indian market despite being from the USA. They provide excellent quality products. One of the most sold models by Carrier in AC’s in India is Carrier Esko 12k 1.5-Ton Split AC. It is a top of a class product with instant cooling and less noise. You can find Carrier AC’s ranged between Rs 20,000 to Rs 45,000.

9. Haier :

haier ac

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Haier is a multinational Chinese brand which has also made a lot of goodwill in the Indian market. It has provided its customers with quality products for a very reasonable price. It is one of the brands in India, which is very affordable for some of its expensive models too. It prices it’s AC’s in the range of Rs 18,000 to Rs 45,000, which is very cheap if compared to other companies in the same market segment.

10. Godrej :

godrej ac

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The last brand to make it to the list is none other than Godrej. It is an Indian company which was found in 1897 in Mumbai. So it has a very long history and Indian people believe in this company and its products. It has been making phenomenal quality products since it has come to the modern markets. Especially its ACs are one of the most demanded products in the market. You can find ACs from Godrej at a price range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 60,000.

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