Best Laptops under 15000 with 4GB RAM in India – 2020 Review

Best Laptops under 15000 with 4GB RAM in India

Best Laptops under 15000 with 4GB RAM in India

Are you looking for best laptops under 15000 with 4GB RAM in India ? Is it at all possible to find a decent laptop with a budget as low as 15000 INR? It is definitely possible to buy a laptop in this budget, and you shall find products from many leading laptop manufacturing brands. At this price, you shall get basic laptops that can easily run Windows Office and other common programs. Such products are not designed for purposes like high resolution gaming, video editing, photo editing, etc. Laptops that are priced below 15000 INR can perfectly meet the requirements of programmers, students, share traders, business presentation creators, writers, and many others.

List of best Laptops under 15000 with 4GB RAM in India 2020

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What features to expect from Laptops under 15000 with 4GB RAM in India ?

What are the features to expect from the laptops under 15000 in India? Different sellers come with different ranges of products. Hence, features of the laptops vary from one manufacturing brand to another. However, you will get some basic and common features on all laptops at this price range. These features are discussed in the following section.


Under 15000 INR price, you shall mostly get laptops with 2GB RAM. However, 2GB RAM based laptops are hardly usable in today’s scenario. Thus, it is suggested that buyers should go for the laptops that come with at least 4GB RAM. With a price of 15000 INR, there is a low chance of getting a laptop with RAM more than 4GB size. With 4GB RAM, you shall obtain smooth and flawless performance from your laptop.


For the smooth performance of a laptop, the processor plays the most crucial role along with the RAM. Nevertheless, there should not be any compatibility issues between RAM and processor. The latest Intel processor is expensive. Thus, laptops under 15000 in India would not be available with the newest version of the Intel processor. However, the latest AMD processor may be available at this price. The performance of the AMD processor is satisfactory.

Display Size

When you have a budget under 15000 INR for purchasing laptops, you are compelled to settle for products that come with smaller display screens. At this price, you can easily get laptops with 10 to 13 inches display screens. Only a few manufacturers offer a bigger display at this price. However, smaller display screens have some advantages. You shall get better battery life with a small laptop screen, and these laptops offer wonderful portability.

Battery Life

Most of the laptops under 15000 with 4GB RAM in India provide 3-4 hours battery backup. You may find some newly launched products at this price offer higher battery life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I find a branded laptop under 15000 INR?

Most of the reputed brands like Dell, Acer, ASUS, iBall, and others offer laptops at this price range.

  1. Can I enjoy gaming with laptops under 15000 in India?

Under 15000 INR, laptops do not possess enough hardware support to provide you satisfactory gaming experience. You can play some simple computer games. These laptops are not suitable for advanced gaming.

  1. Is second-hand laptop a better deal when the budget is low?

Second-hand laptops do not come with a warranty. When you can get a brand new laptop under 15000 from many well-known brands, buying second-hand laptops is a bad idea.

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