How To Clean Fridge (Detailed Informative Step By Expert)

How to Clean Fridge

How to Clean FridgeCleaning is a basic part of being hygiene. The refrigerator is one of the most important parts of household equipment. It saves both cooked and uncooked food from getting spoiled. It also increases the life shell of food. Thus, it is significant to clean it regularly. There are many things available in the market and in our kitchen which can help to do the cleaning process. Also, there are many things which should not be used for cleaning the fridge. We will help you to understand the basics of how to clean the fridge and also clarify many other doubts related to it.

Clarify Important Doubts like How To Clean Fridge

Empty the Fridge

First of all, plan ahead when you want to clean the fridge. It will be best if you do it before the grocery or vegies shopping so that there will be less mess to clear. Along with emptying the fridge also check on the expiry of any products in there so that it can be put in the bin. While moving bottles from the fridge to your kitchen shelf, make sure to clean the bottom of it to remove any sticky material. Be ready with cool bags with freezer blocks to transfer the frozen meat and dairy products as at normal temperature bacteria speedily multiplies. Check for the outdated products left in Tupperware or other utensils and throw it if spoiled.

Shelves and Fittings

Shelves and fittings need to be removed and cleaned properly. Shelves get black marks inside the fridge because of the things spilled on it; thus, it’s important to remove them and clean. But while removing these glass and plastic shelves, you have to take care of many things; otherwise, there are chances to get the things cracked. Switch off the fridge and let the shelves come to the room temperature before removing it. Then put them into the hot soapy water and let them sit for few minutes. You can make a mixture of ammonia and hot water in the ratio of 1:5. Scrub the shelves properly and remove the stains and spots. Make sure not to use the dishwasher as hand cleaning for this is best. Dry it out completely before fixing it back to the fridge.

Can Kitchen cleaning products be used to clean the fridge?

Kitchen cleaning products normally has chemicals in it, which is definitely not a good idea to use inside the fridge. These products are used to clean kitchen tiles and shelves and they don’t have any direct contact with food whatsoever. But if you clean your fridge with these chemicals, then you are taking the risk of contaminating your food with chemical residue.

Cleaning with baking soda

Using natural products is always a good idea to keep things safe and hygiene. Baking soda is the best for this purpose and easily available in the kitchen. It not only helps to remove the tough stains but will also help to remove the unpleasant odor. Make a mixture with ¼ cup baking soda, ½ cup of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar and 1 cup clear ammonia. Pour this mixture in a spray bottle or take it in a bowl. It is a degreaser solution and helps to prevent mold and mildew. Spray the mixture inside the fridge and wipe it with hot water damp cloth in case of less dirty. If it has heavy stains, then leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then wipe it off.

How to get rid of the bad smell?

Bad smell inside the fridge will turn you off and you need to check why it is happening. Check the foods kept in the fridge are good or gone bad and remove it accordingly. Set the temperature of the fridge at or below 4°C, and the freezer at -18° C. You can use any of the below-mentioned remedies too:

  • Lemon peel or Orange peel can make the smell inside the fridge citrusy. Keep it in any bowl at any cornet inside the fridge.
  • Dip a cotton ball in vanilla extract and keep it inside the fridge to give that sweet smell.
  • Ground coffee, Activated charcoal, or porridge oats can be spread on a tray and leave it inside the fridge and it will absorb all bad smell in a couple of days.
  • Baking soda is also good to absorb the smell.

Don’t forget the doors

While cleaning the fridge don’t forget the doors and its shelves which are not removable. Take a soft cloth and wrap it on the back of the spoon and dip it in the vinegar and water solution. Clean the seals of the fridge door and remove all dirt. Use the dry cloth and repeat the same process to make sure it is hygienically dry.

What to do with the water bottom?

At the back on the bottom of the fridge, there is drain holes that collect all the moisture and this moisture goes to the evaporation pan and gets evaporated. But when the drainage hole is jammed with food the moisture converts into a pool of water and gets into the fridge. Thus, it’s important to check on the reason for this blockage and clean the drain hole regularly. Drain hole cleaning can be done with the help of a drain hole cleaning device. And after doing this, take a cotton ball dipped in the solution of vinegar and water and remove any extra deposits around the hole.

Freezer cleaning not to be ignored

While doing the cleaning of the fridge, make sure to clean the freezer as well. Switch off the fridge and let the ice melt completely or remove the ice with freezer ice shovel. Remove all water in a bowl and wipe the freezer with a dry cotton cloth. Spray warm water and distilled vinegar inside the freezer and with cloth mix the mixture on all surfaces and let it dry nicely.

Some Important tips post cleaning the fridge

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