Best Water Purifier Under 15000 in India – (2021) Buying Review

Best Water Purifier Under 15000 in India

Best Water Purifier Under 15000 in India

Is getting clean water to drink still a problem in your home in 202o? Well, do not worry anymore, after this; you won’t have to drink unclean water a single day in your life. Here is a list of a few of the best water purifier in India under 15000 INR according to their actual reviews collected from the people who have used them.

How To Select Best Water Purifier Under 15000 in India

But before we head out to listing the best purifiers, how do we decide which one is the best to buy for us. Well for selecting a good water purifier, the criteria are quite simple. First, decide whether you just want to buy a UV water purifier or you also want a purifier which is equipped with the latest technologies such as UF and RO.

Now, the thing with UV is that it is just a simple process of cleaning the water. It is the same process as of boiling the water, so just make sure if you are purchasing a UV water purifier, you are just looking for substituting the water boiling process and want nothing else. Is it worth the hard earned money? Not that much, because in the near price ranges, you can buy a water purifier with the latest technologies.

UF and RO is a very good option to go with if the water that is supplied in your homes is very hard (hard means water that is dissolved with a lot of minerals that are not good for the body). If you consume hard water, you are going to get sick, so these water purifiers are a must in your homes then.

List of Best Water Purifier Under 15000

Let us look at some of the best purifiers that are available under Rs 15,000.

1. KENT New Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV+ UF + TDS (White) 20 ltr/hr Water Purifier

Statistically, it is considered as one of the most sold water purifiers in the recent quarter due to the quality it brings at a reasonable price, which is well under Rs 15,000. It dons a design which is primarily transparent and also has an inbuilt TDS controller.

This purifier is best for homes which get a little salty water. It can also be used on the water that is supplied by the Municipal Corporation or tap water. Owing to its advanced technology of UV + RO + UF + TDS makes it a better alternative for any other water purifiers available in the market.


    •  It has the water holding capacity of 8 liters, which is perfect for any hybrid Indian family.
    •  Before sending the water into the machine, the sediment filters remove any and all of the visible impurities that the water has.
    •  It has very durable appliances because of the high-quality plastic that is made of.
    •  Any of the minute bacteria and cysts present in the water is trapped by the ultrafiltration membrane of the purifier.
    •  The RO technology helps in the cleaning of the tough metal residues along with dissolved impurities.
    • It is also equipped with filter change alarms.


    •  The technology for purification is very advanced.
    •  The filter change alarm it is equipped with is a very good feature.
    •  Its design is very sleek and beautiful, so it will look good on that wall you are going to mount it.
    • It delivers water with 100% purity and also with great taste.


    •  It takes a lot of water at a time for cleaning and a considerable amount gets wasted too.
    • It will take a lot of maintenance and the costs of maintenance are high too.

Kent Grand 8 liter reviews are just too good from the customers who have been using it for a long time now.

2. Havells Max 7-Litres RO UV Water Purifier (Sea Green)

The highlight of this product is the compact design that it has along with the 7 step water purification procedure. This procedure helps in ensuring that the water is very clean to consume. Also, it comes with a 1-year guarantee. This 8-liter water purifier has some awesome features:


    •  First of all, it has a 7 step procedure to clean the water. This is in addition to the RO and UV mechanism. This makes sure that the water is clean and pure to drink/consume.
    •  There is a minerals cartridge loaded inside the machine to add the necessary minerals back to the water that got lost while the purification process. Thus providing healthy water.
    •  One of the most dynamic features of this water purifier is that it can be placed almost anywhere, be it mounting it in a wall or in the corner or even have a table-top presence.
    •  The system is equipped with smart alarms and indicators that give a signal whenever there is a failure in the function of the machine parts such as UV, SV, or
    •  The hard and compact cover that it is made around prevents any small insects from entering the system.
    • It is also equipped with the iProtect purification which monitors the water cleaning all the time.


    •  The design is excellent and in many ways, could be considered futuristic.
    •  The best 7 step water purification process that it has to make sure that the water comes out clean only.
    •  There is constant monitoring of the water cleaning process going on to ensure nothing goes wrong.
    • The minerals that get lost during the purification process are once again added back to the water after the cleaning process is done, thus making the water healthier.


  •  There is a lot of water wastage because of the RO purification process, which is, to be honest, a little bad. But then there is no other con or drawback to this beautiful machine.

The reviews of this product tell that it is one of the best buys in India and also it has had great results with anyone who has used it.

3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UF 6 litres Burgundy Water Purifier

From many years, Eureka Forbes has been working its way through to the top of the market in the line of home appliances and there is no doubt not only have they been consistent with the good quality of products they make but also with the generosity they set the price of their products. The reviews of the product are just too good to ignore this one.


    •  It comes with both RO+UF dual purification technology.
    •  It has the capacity to hold 6 liters of water at a time. The water could be dispensed without the presence of electricity too.
    •  Its TDS range is from 500 ppm to 200 ppm. This makes it good for water that comes from bore well and tanker.
    •  There is a new automatic function added to this model, which automatically turn offs the machine when the tank is full to save power/electricity.
    • It is also equipped with voltage fluctuations guard making it safe from any damage that may occur due to an erratic power supply.


    •  It has an excellent design. Its body is very beautiful and looks good when mounted on a wall.
    •  There is a six-stage water purification process.
    • There is also MTDS to restore the taste of water after the purification process.


    •  It wastes a lot of water as any other RO does.
    • The 6-liter storage capacity is a bit short for an average Indian family.

You can purchase Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Splash RO+UF 6 liter Water Purifier from Amazon.

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4. Blue Star Aristo RO+UF AR3BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier, Black

Blue Star is a known name in the water purifying industry. Their purifiers use the latest technologies to make water safe for drinking. The Aristo model offered by them comes with a capacity of 7 liters and a warranty on the product for 1 year.


    •  The Aqua Taste Booster feature enhances the taste of water and maintains the PH level in the water and makes it tasty for drinking. It uses calcite media, which is safe to use and enhances the quality of drinking water.
    •  The filtration process is powerful. There are 6 stages of purification in a sequence of pre- sediment filter, pre-carbon filter, sediment filter, RO membrane, UV Lamp and post- carbon filter with aqua taste booster or ATB that give you pure and safe water to drink.
    •  The RO is doubly layered along with UV protection, which ensures that the purity of the drinking water is not compromised. The UV protection gets rid of bacteria and viruses while the RO removes any impurities, radioactive matter and heavy metals.
    • The activated carbon is infused with copper, which removes odor, smell and all types of volatile organic compounds from the water. Activated carbon also has anti-bacterial properties.


    •  It has a water storage capacity of 7 liters, making it suitable for an average Indian family.
    •  There are smart alarms installed inside the machine which will notify you about when to change the filters.
    •  It is equipped with a high power 11V UV lamp which kills all the germs present in the water.
    •  It provides the finest quality of water with the help of TDS controller installed inside of it.
    •  It functions with spin welded RO membrane, which is very efficient in removing any kind of
    • The best thing about it is, it is fully automatic and there is no manual function required.


  •  You are likely to spend a huge amount on the maintenance of this product.

You can find the Kent Ace Mineral 7 liter 60-watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier on Amazon.

5. Kent Maxx 7-Litres UV + UF Water Purifier With Detachable Storage Tank, Blue

Kent Max water purifier is one of the most innovative products that Kent has ever made. It comes with a detachable storage tank which uses UV and UF for filtration purposes. Even though it does not have the RO membranes, it covers up for it through the double purification with the help of UV and UF technology. Also, it has the capacity for holding 7 liters of water at a time which is more than enough for an average Indian family.


    •  It has a 7-liter storage tank for water.
    •  It is equipped with an 11V UV lamp which helps in eliminating dangerous microorganisms.
    •  It is fully automatic and there is no manual intervention needed in any way whatsoever.
    •  It also comes with excellent anti-leakage facilities.


    •  It comes with double filtration facilities, UV and UF.
    •  It has a 7-liter water storage capacity.
    • You do not need to purchase a voltage stabilizer externally.


    •  It does not come with reverse osmosis technology.
    •  And it is not at all suitable for bore well or tanker water.

You can find Kent Max 7 liters UV+UF Purifier with Detachable Storage Tank on Amazon.

6. Livpure Glitz Plus-RO+UF (1, White)

Many of the water filters solely focus on the cleaning of the water and not whether the water is equipped with necessary minerals or not. Livpure Glo with a 7-liter storage capacity brings you a purifier that not only purifies the water with its UV+UF technology but also adds the necessary minerals in the water required by the body.


    •  It has a 7-liter water storage tank, which is good for an average Indian Family.
    •  It has the power to convert tap water into pure and clean drinking water with a rate of 1500 ppm.
    •  It has a delivery capacity of 12 liters of water per hour.
    •  Equipped with a mineral cartridge that adds minerals to the water after the purification process is over.
    • It has a six-stage water purification process.


    •  The six-stage water purification process ensures a clean water supply.
    •  The added minerals make the water healthy to consume.
    •  It comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.
    • The water storage tank is made of durable plastic that is also food grade. So it is safe to store water in it.


    •  The installation and after sale services aren’t that great from the company.
    • Maintenance costs are a little bit more on the higher end compared to the other products.

You can find Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO+UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier on Amazon.

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