Best Water Purifier for Home in India (2020 Review & Comparison Chart)

Best Water Purifier for Home in India

Best Water Purifier for Home in India

Are you planning to buy a water purifier and looking for the names of the best water purifier for home in india ? Well, you have landed to the right page then.

Water is a vital part of our lives and our planet. Our body consists of 70% of only water. The most significant use of water is drinking. With the growing population and pollution, clean and purified water isn’t available easily nowadays. There are several methods of purifying water and the trend of purifying water is running from millenniums. Water purifiers are becoming necessary today, even the fresh water which comes from our tap has a high level of chlorine and bacteria, which should be again purified from the water purifiers available in the market.

Water purifiers remove the excess salt, floating particles, microorganisms and smell of the water, and maintain the balance of vitamins and minerals of water, which makes it a perfect for drinking purpose. There are several water purifier brands available in the market which say a lot about them, but there are few which have proved themselves and are really great in their job.

Why Water purifiers are necessary ? Best Water Purifier for Home in India

The sources of water are getting contaminated at a high rate; the world is at the verge of finishing fresh water to drink. The increasing pollution level has degraded the water quality, our governments are working on this issue, but recycling of water takes a lot of time, energy and money which makes it impossible to recycle the complete planets contaminated water. People’s habitats are now full of pollution, chemicals and dirt which makes your drinking water unhealthy for our bodies even the municipal water contains a lot of chemicals chlorine and microorganisms which still needs purification and here the work of RO purifier’s starts.

Purifiers help in cleaning and filtering of water, which makes it 99% clean and fresh. Technologies used in water purifiers Have levels of purification, every level is essential for the cleaning and recycling of water. Purifiers add up the vitamins and minerals in water and remove the odour of water, making it healthier and tasty.

List of Best Water Purifier for Home in India 2020

1. KENT Grand 8-Litres Wall-Mountable RO + UV/UF + TDS Controller

Kent is the most renowned brand of water purifying industry and has given the best purifiers of all time. The Kent grand plus is a masterpiece in its category, comes with highly efficient RO Technology and TDS controller, it can clean excess salt and microorganism and also adds up some minerals to the water. The main highlight of this water purifier is its futuristic double purification technology with RO+UF+UV. This water purifier knows its job very well and can purify any kind of polluted or treated water and gives you fresh, tasty and healthier glass to drink.


  • 8 Litre capacity tank
  • Kent has given a large 8 Litre tank which is sufficient for one-day usage of a small family. The tank and the body are made up of food grade plastic, which makes it a perfect choice for water storage.
  • RO+UF+UV double purification system
  • Double purification system ensures double safety and provides 100% pure water with no microorganisms and particles.
  • Added minerals to add more life to your water
  • Kent provides advanced technology in the filtering of water, which adds more minerals and vitamins to water.
  • Best purifiers for the locations with more population and pollution
  • Kent Grand Plus gives more advanced cleaning and can treat any level of polluted water.
  • Water level indicator
  • One can check the remaining water in the tank and can fill it according to the indicator.
  • Filter change warning
  • The purifier automatically detects when the filters need to be changed and reminds the user with a buzzer and blinking light.
  • TDS controller which maintains the water hardness level.
  • Water hardness level is maintained to make it smooth and easy for drinking.


  • Kent Grand Plus wastes a lot of water in the process of purification and will take more than its capacity in the purification. People who have a shortage of water or the water is not easily available will face problems in day to day life.

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2. Blue Star Majesto MA4BSAM02 8-Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

Blue Star Majesto is a successful competitor of Aquagaurd and Kent. It’s great in its design, it’s great in its work, and gives you a healthy and tasty drinking water. It comes with six stage purification technology which includes, trapping of large particles, carbon filtering for removing volatile organic compounds, Sediments filtering, RO and TDS, UV protection and aqua taste booster for enhanced taste.


  • Advanced 6 stage purification process
  • Blue star has given something magical in the Majesto; the six levels include trapping, carbon filtering, active carbon filtering, sedimentation, RO+UV+TDS, and aqua taste booster.
  • 8 Litre capacity.
  • Drink up anytime with an 8-litre tank capacity.
  • Aqua taste booster
  • Make your water more tasty and healthy with the taste booster, enhances the taste and supply more minerals in the water.
  • Copper impregnated carbon filter
  • Majesto removes all particles and dissolved chemicals in the water very easily.
  • Child lock, alarm feature, tank alarm
  • Majesto has added security features and alarm features for all functions; its design gives it a reputation and makes it a first choice.


  • Blue Star Majesto Weighs 10Kgs in weight, which is quite heavy to mount on the wall and even after proper installation, it is risky in places where kids are present.
  • The price of Majesto is higher than its competitors, but it also provides more functionality and features.
  • Low-quality material used for the build of the body.

3. Livpure Glitz Plus-RO+UF (1, White)

Livpure Glo has made its entry recently in the market and within a very short period of time, it has gained a lot of popularity and support of its users. It has a decent looking and decent working; it gives a pure quality drinking experience with RO technology and mineralizer, which maintains the balance of minerals. It is an efficient purifier both in purity level and the purifying speed. It can purify water at a rate of 1500PPM.


  • Most advanced 6 level Purification process
  • Livpure has the most advanced purification levels, its start by sedimentation filtration by which all the particles are cleaned. Then the water is passed through an absorbing carbon filter.
  • When the water is passed through the RO membrane, reverse osmosis is used to clean chemicals and hazardous metals. Then the water is treated with UV light, which kills the bacteria’s and microorganisms.
  • The silver carbon filter helps at this level for removing volatile organic contaminants, and in the final level, water is passed through a mineralizer for enhances taste and quality.
  • 7-litre capacity tank with the delivery capacity of 12 litres per hour.
  • Built quality is marvellous and the plastic used is of food grade quality.
  • One year warranty


  • Livpure Glo is the best choice in the budget; it’s even better if we see from the price perspective. Livpure, unfortunately, does not provide free installation and the after-sales services require improvement in some sectors, hope the company will look forward to its customer care support.
  •  RO wastes water in the process of filtration.


  • Livpure Glo is the best choice in the budget; it’s even better if we see from the price
    perspective. Livpure, unfortunately, does not provide free installation, and the after-
    sales services require improvement in some sectors, hope the company will look
    forward to its customer care support.
  • RO wastes water in the process of filtration.

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4. Havells Max 7-Litres RO UV Water Purifier (Sea Green)

Havells Max is a complete family health benefits package, which guarantees the protection of your family from unhealthy and dirty water. Havells is providing to its customer with extraordinary features, an extraordinary price with Max RO+UV water purifier. In this segment of water purifiers, Havells max is the one which provides revitalizer which restructures the molecules in water, making it more alive. This technique improves the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins.


  • Revitalizer feature to make water healthier and tasty
  • 8-litres of storage tank built with high-quality material
  • Havells Max comes with an inbuilt feature of I Protect, this feature tells about the quality of purified water; it is a quality check for water. This function works constantly and ensures safety.
  • The advanced circuit design can handle electrical fluctuations and sudden power cut, which increases the life of the machine.
  • RO+UV+Mineralizer and 7 step purification process.


  • Havells Max is a high maintenance machine, which requires time to time cleaning and filters change; one has to keep a track of the machine’s Places, where TDS levels are high, will cause more damage to the filers and the life of purifier will be affected.
  • The buyer has to buy warranty separately with the machine which increases its cost and makes it an expensive deal.

5. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV+UF AR5BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier, Black

Blue Star is a new player in the market of water purifiers, but the brand has a reputation and trusted customers worldwide. Aristo is a stylish and elegant purifier with a 6-litre capacity. A basic RO purifier with UV rays filtration and ATB technology which boosts the taste of water.

It has a very big life and will not alarm you again and again for the filter issues; it has the indicators and lights for the notification of filter change alert or UV lights fault and a full tank. The double filtration of RO and UV is a part of 6 level purification; Blue Star also prevents unnecessary wastage of water.


  • High-quality RO membrane has the capacity to purify 7 litres of water at a single run and it does it works excellently. It has a 10-inch filter which ensures the purification is done perfectly and every type of contamination is cleared.
  • 7 litre of capacity is ideal for day to day drinking purpose. 10-inch large filter which can easily purify 7 litres of water every day for a year without any filter change.
  • 6 stage purification methods enhance the quality of water
  • Indicators for all kind of alerts and child lock feature which helps in saving water.


  • This purifier has a problem with low pressure and does not work in that condition.
  • Blue Star Aristo requires regular maintenance and check-up of filters and circuit.
  • The installation of the product is a very slow process; sometimes it can take up to 3-4 days
  • An impeccable choice for a small family.

6. Kent Ace Mineral 7-Litre 60-Watt RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (White and Aquamarine)

Kent is the most reliable and sold the brand for water purifiers, almost every machine of Kent works of same features and technology, but all of them provide the best results. Kent Ace Mineral works on high-quality flirtation process of RO+UV+UF+TDS. It has a capacity of 7 litres and the body and storage tank is made from food grade plastic. Kent delivers what it says and maintains the standards of safety and quality. Kent Ace is certified with WQA and NSF, the manufacturer has tested it and proves it in all levels. Kent Ace Mineral has its own reputation in the market; it has also received the certificate of Gold Seal for delivering the best quality of water.


  • 11 watt UV lamp can detect any kind of microorganism and kills them completely.
  • Alarms and lights for alerts of filter change or UV fail.
  • It can purify 15 litres of water in an hour and the tank capacity is 7 litres for storage
  • RO+UV+UF+TDS functionalities work on Mineral RO technology to provide the best quality of water which tastes really wonderful and has all minerals intact.
  • High-quality food grade plastic is used for the manufacturing of the machine, even the internal system is created with quality stuff and everything works automatically.
  • One year warranty with free installation and super satisfying after sales service


  • RO mineral water purifiers have a basic problem in common; they waste a lot of water in their process of purification. Kent Ace wastes a large amount of water which is more than the purified one.

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