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6 Best Washing Machine in India Fully Automated

Best Washing Machine In India Fully Automated

Thanks to the rise of the technology that has made human life easier than ever. There are many revolutionary products which have immeasurably changed the everyday lives of humans; one of them is the washing machine. Washing clothes used to be a grueling activity until the invention of the electric washing machine. Benefits of the washing machine are wide: it saves time, physical energy, water, and washes clothes immaculately. In view of cut-throat competition, offline and online; both markets have flooded with various types of washing machine in enormous designs, shapes, and features. As a result, often a buyer gets puzzled and struggles to pick a good one to meet his or her requirement. If you are seeking the best washing machine for domestic purposes, sit tight because you are on the correct page. Below are the short descriptions of the best washing machine in India Fully Automated.

Best Washing Machine In India Fully Automated 2020

  1. Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine (WA62M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver)

Best Washing Machine in India Fully Automated

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Samsung is more than a company; today it has become synonym to excellent services and top-notch quality in the world. This South Korean corporation has expertise in manufacturing of various high-quality electronic appliances like Smartphones, laptops, computers, T.V, home theatre, printers, microwave, refrigerators, and washing machine. In the category of Fully-Automatic Top load washing Machine, Samsung’s 6.2 Kg has no match.

FeaturesIn order to dry the clothes instantly after perfect washing, this machine has a powerful air turbo. Moreover, it has various features including auto restart, magic filter, child lock, tempered glass window, five water levels, and six numbers of cycles. It has a diamond type drum and center jet pulsator. Besides these, the washing capacity of this machine is 6.2kg.


  • Samsung Company provides free installation and demo services after its delivery and Payment.
  • The company provides a comprehensive warranty for two years.
  • The drum of this machine is a product of high-tech engineering as it comes down very gentle on clothes. By the way, the drum is made of stainless steel which offers corrosion, fire, and heat resistance properties.
  • The tempered glass of this machine lets the user take a thrilling view of the washing process. Don’t worry about the tempered glass safety as it is made specially to deal with the great pressure and it has scratch resistance ability too.
  • It is compact in size, lightweight (30.5kg), and power efficient.


  • The water inlet hose of this machine is not enough long (less than a meter).
  • The long delay in installation and demo has been reported by many people who purchased it.
  • The automatic sound which indicates completion of washing is less audible.

Apart from some minor issues which are mentioned below, this machine has no any severe issue.

  1. Haier 5.8 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM58-020S, White)

Fully Automated Washing Machine in India

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Haier is the fastest growing Chinese company with head office in Shandong, China.  It specializes in manufacturing of the wide-ranging electronic products, including washing machine. In a short period of time, Haier has achieved a huge success and increased its footprints globally, which is a matter of great pride. In the arena of the washing machine, Haier has blown the minds of million people with its 5.8 kg machine which made washing clothes simple and easy, as never before.

FeaturesHaier left no stone unturned to make this washing machine of best in class. To give the delightful experience to the users, this machine has multiple features: six wash programs, multipurpose spin tube (washing and drying), digital display, quadra flow pulsator, fuzzy logic control ( automatic load and washing time determining system), and quick wash function.


  • This machine is equipped with a highly responsive digital display, which makes its control simple and easy.
  • Forget the rust and corrosion because its body is made of fabric.
  • Its shape and size are so compact that it can easily fit at any corner conveniently.
  • Apart from two years warranty on the product, the Company provides a special warranty on motor for five years.


  • Its drum is made of plastic due to which hot water washing may disfigure it or at worst may invite major issue in machine.
  • It does not come with the attached wheels due to which turning it around may be difficult.
  • After sale service of Haier is not up to the mark. Hence, getting services or repair may be troublesome for the user.
  • To carry out the immaculate washing this machine consumes much water.
  1. Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN, White)

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Bosch is a Germany based esteemed corporation in the field of engineering and high-tech technology. Any amount of appreciation will fall Short For Bosch Corporation. By manufacturing wide-ranging mechanical and electronic products of high quality, Bosch has immensely contributed to making human life convenient. Its prominence and excellence could be gauged from its 6.5Kg washing machine which does washing like a pro.

Features This washing machine comes with steel drum, dual dispenser ((liquid and powder dispenser), one-touch start and soft closing Lid, power wave wash system, Magic Filter, child-proof lock and automatic tub stop on lid opening during operation, length electrical supply cord (cm): 190 cm, frequency (Hz):50Hz, hot & cold water intake, 8 distinct wash programs and eight water levels for washes.


  • This washing machine supports hot and normal water washing.
  • The company provides 10 years warranty on the motor.
  • To keep the setting intact from being manipulated by children, this machine has a child lock.
  • This washing machine can work perfectly, even under low water pressure.
  • In order to carry out the immaculate washing, this machine has two dispensers for detergent which ensure the proper solubility of the detergent.
  • It has in-built ability to choose the optimum washing programs as per the given load.
  • One vital feature of this machine is power off memory. It means, it can automatically pick up the cycle where it left out during power failure.


  • The in-built drying capacity of this machine is not up to the mark. Largely, users have to depend upon the sunshine to dry up the clothes.
  • Bosch’s after sale service is very expensive. Hence, users may have to spend a lot of money once after the end of warranty.

4. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7581NDDLG, Middle Free Silver)

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In general, a washing machine could be divided into two major categories one is top loading and second is front loading. Both types of washing machines have own exclusive benefits. In front loading washing machines, Samsung has no match in the market. With its remarkable features and high-class performance, Samsung’s 6 kg machine is selling like a hot cake.

FeaturesThis washing machine has some wow features like aqua stop, digital Inverter technology, diamond drum, big capacity wild door, silver wash, and user-friendly display. Moreover, to give you the great washing experience it has in-built heater made of ceramic.


  • To give you the seamless washing experience, this machine has high sensitive touch buttons and wide digital display.
  • It is equipped with a ceramic heater which does not let the calcium compound build up in the machine.
  • Its digital inverter motor saves power; gives minimum noise, and long-lasting performances.
  • To stop the water leakage issue, this machine is enabled with aqua stop features.
  • To protect the clothes from bacteria after washing, this machine has silver wash technology which works Ag+ Silver Nano Technology process.


  • As it is a front loading type washing machine, users need to bend down their spine for loading and unloading the clothes that may be problematic for many people, especially, the old person may feel a bit discomfort.

5. IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX, Silver, Inbuilt Heater)

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You may feel proud to hear about IFB Company because it is an India based company which deals in manufacturing of wide-ranging engineering and home appliances with the collaboration of the Heinrich Schmid AG of Switzerland. IFB stands for Indian Fine Blanks which is immensely dedicated in the service of people since 1974. Its different types of products, including washing machine, are exceeding the expectations of people in term of quality and services.

FeaturesTo minimize the wastages while washing this machine has one elite feature, which is known as ball valve technology. Furthermore, it is enabled with 2d wash system, auto balance system, laundry add system, and aqua energie features.


  • Its ball valve technology ensures the maximum washing at the lowest consumption of detergent.
  • To give you the unparallel washing experience, this machine has 2d shower system which comprises of water spraying through the nozzle and 360-degree turbulence.
  • Its aqua energie feature performs a water treatment before letting it go to the washing chamber.
  • This washing machine has an in-built autoload system which tries to redistribute the load properly if found any discrepancy.
  • The laundry add system of this machine allows the user to add additional pieces of clothes even after the starting of the washing cycle.
  • Its drum has grooves which form cushions of water to ensure the soft and effective washing.


  • This machine weighs up to 62 kg, which means it demands a lot of manual energy to change its position.
  • IFB’s repairing related service is not appreciable.
  • Its motor’s maximum speed is 800 RPM, which does not sound good for its flawless washing purpose.
  • The company provides only four years warranty on the motor, which is comparatively far less than the other company.


Eventually, after considering all aspects of the washing machine of different brands and types, it is clear that each washing machine is not 100% perfect. A washing machine which someone liked may not meet the expectations of others. But, if the figures are taken into account, Samsung tops the list of having the highest satisfied customer.

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