Best Smartphones under 6000 with 2GB RAM in India – (2020 Review)

Best Smartphones under 6000 with 2GB RAM in India

Best Smartphones under 6000 with 2GB RAM in India

Do you want to buy the best smartphone under 6000 with 2GB RAM in India, for your girlfriend or kid or just for yourself ? Are you worried because you are not sure if it is even possible to buy a good smartphone under 6000 INR? Yes? So, stop worrying because it is possible to buy a great smartphone at this price. Lenovo, Nokia, Motorola, are a few leading brands that are producing amazing smartphones under this budget. You should not expect flagship specifications or features from these smartphones, but the provided specs are more than enough for daily use.

Here is the list of Best Smartphones under 6000 with 2GB RAM in India

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Best Smartphones Under 6000 with 2 GB Ram

What Specs to expect from the Smartphones under 6000 with 2GB RAM in India?

You might be thinking, what are the maximum specs to expect from smartphones under 6000 INR in India? Well, you are going to find a wide variety of specifications on the smartphone. It’s all about compromising on one spec for another spec like some have great battery life, but the screen is small, or the camera is not satisfactory and vice versa. Let us inform you about the average specification that you should at least expect from smartphones under 6000.


Displays of smartphones under budget 6000 INR are good enough. You can easily get a 5.7 to 6.3 inches screen, but most of them are LCDs with low PPI (pixel per inch), not AMOLED displays, which give an immersive experience due to high PPI. Screens above 6 inches are mostly coming waterdrop notch, which provides a modern look to the smartphone. LCDs displays are still satisfactory.


Nowadays, the worth of a smartphone is mostly judged by its camera result. You must compromise on the camera if your budget is under 6000 INR. You will easily find 13 MP primary (back) camera and 5 to 13 secondary (front-facing) camera on the smartphone for this budget. But the results of the camera vary from brand to brand even when they have the same MP cameras. These cameras are not for professional shots but are good enough for daily use.


If you want a smooth-running smartphone under 6000 INR in India, your phone should have at least 2 GB RAM. You will glad to know that you can not only get 2 GB but even 3 GB RAM on the phone under this budget. For the latest games like PUBG or call of duty, you should opt for 3 GB mobile phones for a better and smoother experience. Otherwise, your phone is going to heat up during gameplay.


For a smartphone under 6000 INR in India, 16 to 32 GB internal storage is a benchmark now. They always come with a MicroSD slot to extend external storage. But if you have prior experience of using a smartphone, you will agree that having large internal storage is a blessing. If you are not fond of saving thousands of pictures on your phone, then this storage is enough for you.


For the price of 6000 INR, smartphones having 3000 to 4000 mAh battery are common. large battery life is crucial nowadays. you should always opt for larger batteries. Remember, a large screen will drain the battery rapidly, so you must find a balance between the two.


Processor and RAM are the components that determine how smoothly your phone will run. Smartphones under 6000 INR in India comes with quad-core or octa-core with 1.5 to 2 GHz processor. The more powerful the processor is, the more rapid will be the opening and closing of the apps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can PUBG run on a 2GB RAM smartphone?

Yes, you can easily run PUBG on a smartphone with 2GB RAM. You can run PUBG lite if the latter lags on your phone.

  1. Should I buy a secondhand phone?

Please never buy a secondhand phone. A brand-new smartphone with average specs is way better a used phone with high specs. Because new phones come with warranty and secondhand phones are scams most of the time.

  1. Can I buy a brand new smartphone under 6000 INR with GB RAM in India?

Yes, you can even find some products of top brands under this price.

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