Best Smartphone Under 7000 With 2GB RAM (2020 review)

Best Smartphone Under 7000 With 2GB RAM 

Best Smartphone Under 7000 With 2GB RAM

Are you searching for the best smartphone under 7000 with 2GB RAM? If you are, there are a plethora of devices that you can choose from. But the issue arises when we have to pick the best one out of all the devices. So how do you decide which smartphone you should go with? Indeed, you won’t get a world-class device in this much money, but you would still want a decent device nonetheless.

List of Best Smartphone Under 7000 With 2GB RAM

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Here are some of the features the best smartphone under 7000 with 2GB RAM must have:

  • Battery life – Battery backup for a phone is really important. The more it is, the better the phone. Androids take a lot of power to run and that is why having a longer battery life will mean that you won’t have to charge your device again and again. You won’t even need to carry power banks with you wherever you go.
  • Camera – It is highly unlikely that you are going to get very high camera specs for such a low price. But you can still get a camera which can do the basic things for you effortlessly. To ensure that the camera software you are using is good, click some pictures manually and see if the images come clear or not. There are some smartphones in this range that can click decent HD pictures, so choose carefully.
  • Screen size – There are different kinds of screen sizes and display available in this price range. If you are someone who prefers a bigger screen, you can get that, and if you want a smaller screen, you can get that as well. The only thing which makes a difference is what kind of display you get on the screen. There will be very fewer phones, which will HD display in this range, so check your options extensively.
  • Soc – The Soc, which is System on a Chip, is a very important factor in deterring the overall speed of the phone. With the presence of 2GB RAM, there won’t be a lot of apps that you can keep running in the background, and that is why having a good Soc will matter a lot in loading up apps. The better the Soc, the better the kind of speed your phone will get in loading the apps.
  • Brand – The brand of the phone which you purchase is very important as well. If you want a good decent quality phone, purchase only the known brands. Don’t go for cheaper brands which are of cheap/bad quality. With bigger brands, bigger promises come as well. You will have much better customer support and more years of guarantee or warranty. The build quality is very important in factoring how long the phone will work smoothly and also how it looks on your hand.

Some of The Reputable Brands

Some brands which are very reputable in India are:

  1. Samsung
  2. Xiaomi
  3. HTC
  4. RealMe
  5. Honor
  6. Nokia.

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