Best smart watch Under 5000 in India – Review 2020

Best smart watch Under 5000 in India

Best smart watch Under 5000 in India

Here is a guide to buy the best smart watch under 5000 in India. From a considerable amount of time, we live in a society which is predominated by technology. From technology we gradually evolved towards the “smart technology”. Today we have smartphones, smart TVs.

So why do we leave the watches out of the smart craze?

The reason why most of us require a smart watch because it does a lot more than mere timekeeping; therefore it is highly beneficial.

We can call and received calls. We can send and receive text messages. It generally has a touch screen interface. There are also many other apps which operate on it. While these apps mostly function on the smart watch, the smart watch requires a smartphone to run. The efficiency of the smart watch will depend on the company, the price, etc. It is extremely portable, sophisticated and easy to control.

The coming down of the price of the prices of the smart watches had left the user with an ample amount of choices. Also, it will add to the list of the smart devices that one would own.

Best smart watch under 5000 in India

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What features should be considered when buying  the best smart watch under 5000 in India ?


Smart watches are basically companion gadgets. They are mostly GPS enabled and they keep a systematic watch on your health. All of these features are required to be compatible with your smartphone. There are however, some models which work independently. However, one of the key factors that you should consider while choosing a model is that it should be compatible with your smartphone.

GPS enabled or not

You should definitely make sure that the model you choose is Gps enabled and has heart sensors.

Battery life

It is very important to note if your device has a good battery life. Battery life and wearability are important factors to determine whether your device will have an overall good shelf life or not.

Convenient strap change

Your device should have an easily changeable clasp or buckle. So that it fits easily.


The device should be able to display all the apps as per requirements. Coloured display will use extra power and lead to shorter battery life. There are two kinds of display LCD and OLED. The former being thicker can be inconvenient.


The screen of the best smart watche below 5000 in India is smaller, so it is hard to get access to the required apps. Some models are card-based others being gesture-based. Some models come with convenience; the user can switch between touch displays.


Completely user-based. It is advisable that it should meet the basic criteria of aesthetics based on its price.


Having an alert notification is definitely a must.  Most of the models use the “buzz” mechanism that will allow you to view notifications wherever you are.


Q1) Is it actually possible to avail a smart watch under 5000?

Yes, you can avail a smart watch with most of the basic features.

Q2) Can I get a branded smart watch under 5000?

Yes, you get brands like Lenovo, Amazfit BIP.

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