Best Smart Watch Under 10000 in India – Review 2020

Best Smart Watch Under 10000 in India

Best Smart Watch Under 10000 in India

Are you in search of the best smart watch under 10000 in India ? Smartwatches are something we all have gotten used to. When the concept of smartwatches hit the market, the general perception of these watches wasn’t that great. People didn’t want to buy something so expensive, which would then have much less use. But with time, things have changed drastically. People are ready to pay huge sums of money for smartwatches today because these watches come with a lot of features. Now you can do most of the things that you did with your phone simply with the help of these smartwatches.

Best Smart Watch Under 10000 in India

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What are the types of Smart Watches below 10000 in India ?

  1. Apple Watch Series

Apple has revolutionised the way we interact with technology. The Apple series watches are something which most of us want to get out hands-on. They can be quite expensive but are worth it because of the great quality which they offer.

  1. Samsung Smart Watch

It has great features as well. You can connect it to wifi and Bluetooth anytime that you want. With the onboard storage of 4GB, this watch will keep you happy. The rotating bezel in this watch is something everyone loves.

  1. TicWatch

This series of watches is something that you might not know a lot about, but these are really good quality watches. They run with the help of Google’s Wear OS and are compatible with Androids and iOS both. You can connect it with both Bluetooth and WiFi whenever you want. These watches are also waterproof, so you get a good deal when you purchase them.

How would a good smartwatch look like ? 

  1. Battery life

It is one of the most important things regarding smartwatches. You can’t run them on replaceable batteries because it will be very expensive for you to keep changing batteries. The ideal way to go for any company was getting chargeable batteries inside. Now every smartwatch that you purchase can be changed super easily, and one thing that you should ensure when purchasing one is that it has good battery life.

  1. Storage

You should always get a smartwatch with good storage capacity. Then you would be able to store all the contacts and data of the fitness that you do easily on your watch and access them anytime you want to.

  1. High-end design

You don’t want to pay all that money for something which doesn’t even look good or feel premium. Always go for a watch which has a high-end design so when you wear it to a party or even your office, it looks cool.

  1. Lightweight

Weight is one of the most important factors when purchasing a gadget. You don’t want your wrist to pain after wearing the smartwatch. That is why go for a watch which is light in weight and doesn’t even feel like you have to carry something on your hand.

  1. Good touch screen

The touch screen of your smartwatch under 10000  rs should feel smooth and responsive. Check if the refresh rate of the smartwatch you are thinking of purchasing is good or not.

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