Best Router in India under 1500 – Review 2020

Best Router in India under 1500

Best Router in India under 1500

Finding the best router in India under 1500 INR is not a tough job. Internet consumption has increased significantly over the years. A lot of people in India are now able to access the internet without any issues. One of the many ways people get access to the internet is by the help of routers. These routers are equipped with wifi technology, which will then transmit these signals into different devices that want to connect to it. So it is has become quite an important thing for people to select a good router.

Best Router in India Under 1500 (2020)

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 What are the features of the best Router in India below 1500 ? 

  1. Dual-band wifi

Most of the current generation routers are now dual-band. What does this mean? It means that your wifi router won’t have to overlap with other wifi signals. When your wifi keeps using the same frequency which other routers are using as well, the speed which you will receive will be too low. So purchase a dual-band wifi router, which will help you in bouncing off these same frequencies.

  1. Guest wireless network

If you have a lot of people at your place who use your wifi, it is a good idea to get a wifi router, which also has a guest network so that no one disturbs the network you have connected to. So your network will be isolated from any of your guests, and your speed won’t be affected. So buy the best router in India under 1500 rs and enjoy the internet.

  1. WPA enterprise

Wifi networks are susceptible to security hacks, that is why you have to be very careful with the kind of network you are using. If someone hacks into your network, they can steal a lot of valuable information and use it for wrong purposes. Having WPA security is something which will help you in overcoming such security threats.

  1. Wireless On/Off button

You should have a wireless button on your router, which will help you in switching your wifi on/off. If you need to log in to your network every time you need to switch your wifi on or off, then it can become quite a tiresome task for you.

  1. Detachable antennas

Detachable antennas are something which will hello your router look sleek and stylish. Antennas help you in increasing the range of your signal so that you can have a seamless experience of using the internet. But if you don’t want to distribute your router’s signals to larger distances, you can just remove the antenna.

  1. Gigabyte ethernet

If you want to download things faster, you need a gigabyte ethernet router. The perks of having a gigabyte ethernet are that it can load things in the speed of 100 Mbps and more. If you have to upload things regularly which are large and share it with others, you will need this feature in your router.

  1. USB port

Having a USB port in your router will have a lot of advantages for you. You can share data with the help of these ports and also copy the configuration of your wifi to paste it on some other router.

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