Best Phone Under 35000 With Best Camera – Buying Review (2020)

Best Phone Under 35000 With Best Camera

Best Phone Under 35000 With Best Camera

Are you looking for the best phone under 35000 with best camera ? Then you have come to the right place! Rs 35000 is not a small amount, but it is not right up there in the most premium category of smartphones as well. So the decision to purchase a phone under this budget can be a little confusing since all of these phones come with their unique features. So how do you decide which phone is the best ?

List of Best Phone Under 35000 With Best Camera

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Please take a look at the highlights below and compare them with the smartphone that you are purchasing. 


  • Display – The display on today’s phones are as good as it gets. What is an excellent presentation? Any display which has a refresh rate of 90 or above is considered to be unique. Refresh rate means the number of times your screen reloads the display in one second. The higher it is, the less strain goes on your eyes, and the smoother your experience becomes.
  • Screen Size – One of the factors which is an extension of display is the size of the screen. Most of us prefer bigger screens today, gone are the days where people used to be content with smaller screens. You don’t want to play games or watch videos on a small screen. Go for a display which is at least 6 inches big.
  • RAM – It stands for random access memory, and it is essential to keep your phone fast. RAM is responsible for loading apps quicker and keeps them running on the background so that you can open them any time you want. Good smartphones under this category come with at least 6GB RAM. Anything below that is not acceptable.
  • Battery – The battery of any phone is one of the essential things to consider before purchasing it. If your smartphone is powerful but doesn’t have a good battery backup, you will need to keep repeatedly charging, which is a bad thing if you travel a lot. Any phone with a battery of at least 4000mAH is considered to be good.
  • Camera – Nowadays, the single-camera concept is gone. Forget single, even dual cameras have become an old thing. Check if your phone comes with triple cameras or not. If yes, check the specs of those cameras. Different cameras are installed for various reasons. Image capturing and video recording abilities of these phones have reached another height. You can shoot a video in 4k quality now in most of the smartphones.

Some of the companies which make the best phone under 35000 with best camera are:

  1. OnePlus
  2. RealMe
  3. Google
  4. Oppo
  5. Asus
  6. Samsung
  7. Vivo
  8. RedMi

You can purchase a phone from any of the companies mentioned above. Ensure that the above-listed features are present on your phone. If they are, you are good to go. If they are not, the better option would be to keep looking. Also, check the UI of the phone before you purchase it. Some phones don’t have a very smooth UI for their market value.

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