Best LED Monitors under 6000 in India – Buying Review (2020)

Best LED Monitors under 6000 in India

Best LED Monitors under 6000 in India

If you are looking for the best LED monitors under 6000, this guide will help you! You can easily expect monitors from HP, BENQ, DELL, etc. in this range. At this price, you can get basic monitors with HD Screens and VGA ports. You shall be able to perform basic computer functions easily without any hiccups such as watching movies, working on MS Office, etc. However, such products are not designed for tasks requiring a high FPS rate, such as gaming. Monitors under 6000 INR are perfect for office work, students, writers, programmers, etc. who want a good performance without a heavy price tag.

Best LED Monitors under 6000 in India

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What features to expect from Monitors under 6000 in India?

What are the features to expect from the monitors under 6000 in India? There is a large list of manufacturers selling various products with different features in this market. However, when you look at monitors under 6000, you can expect an HD screen and VGA port (which is used to connect your monitor to video devices such as projectors)


You can expect an HD display on most monitors below 6000. This is different and lower in pixel count than FHD or 4k display used by expensive and modern screens. As such, this means the number of pixels shown on the screen of the monitor is lower than those which have a better display. This will not affect day-to-day tasks such as MS Office, web-surfing, etc. but will create a difference in heavier functions such as gaming or video editing.

IPS technology

A few monitors under 6000 will offer IPS panel. IPS panels are characterized as having the best viewing angles and offer a much higher image quality than monitors without an IPS panel. However, this comes at the cost of refresh rate. Refresh rate is nothing but how many times the screen refreshes itself during its performance. The refresh rate with IPS technology will be close to 70Hz. This will be more than satisfactory when it comes to office tasks, programming, working on MS office, or watching movies. However, it is not suitable for gaming at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I find branded monitors under 6000?

All the details mentioned above come from research on branded products only. You can easily find LED monitors under 6000 from brands like DELL, HP, BENQ, etc.

  1. Can I enjoy gaming with monitors under 6000?

These laptops are not recommended for gaming purposes since they don’t have a very good display to support the graphic quality required for gaming. They also have a lower refresh rate than monitors generally used for gaming, but you can still use them to play low and medium end games, online games, etc.

  1. Should I get a monitor with IPS panel?

A few monitors under Rs. 6000 offer an IPS panel, which hugely upgrades the image quality and display satisfaction for the monitor. IPS screens offer a higher colour contrast, detailed screen, greater depth in colour and an overall better display quality. If your purpose to purchase this monitor includes office work, MS office, trading, programming, watching movies, etc. then definitely go for IPS technology. However, if you require this monitor to support gaming, video-editing or any other task that requires a better screen refresh rate, then IPS panel is not recommended.

  1. Is second-hand monitor a better deal when the budget is low?

Second-hand or used monitors often come with degraded image quality and pixel count due to previous use. They also don’t come with a warranty and as such are usually a bad deal. When you can get a brand-new, well-reputed LED monitor under 6000 , a second-hand monitor goes out of the question.

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