Best LED monitor under 5000 in India – Review (2020)

Best LED monitor under 5000 in India

Best LED monitor under 5000 in India

Are you looking for the best LED monitor under 5000 in india ? Look no further for you have arrived in the right place. Some people require monitors for the CCTV camera in their homes or stores. Monitors are most required when we set up a personal computer. In both the cases, people tend to look for cheaper options. However, monitors are required more in the latter case. For either of the needs a monitor that is efficient justifying the cost.

In the given price range, however, the basic requirements will be fulfilled. You could use these monitors to complete your set up of the personal computers or if you require them for the CCTV. However, in case if you’re looking for a monitor with a specific purpose, for example, gaming, you need to switch to a premium gaming monitor. In that case, the price range has to be higher.

However, within the specified price range, you can avail of some branded LED monitors that are going to meet most of your needs. You can get good brands such as Acer, Dell, HP, etc.

Best LED monitor under 5000 in India

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What are the features that you can expect in a led monitor within the range of 5000 ?

There are some of the standard features with some minor variations that you can expect in an led monitor within the concerned price range and those are as follows.

1) Screen size– The size of the screen is generally 19.5 inch. That is the standard size. It could even be of 21-21.5 inch. The size is variable however 19.5 should be considered as the standard and desirable size.

2) Screen resolution– Full HD resolution is available within the concerned price range and that is desirable. Sometimes you do get an SXGA+ which is convenient enough. But most of the people opt for HD.

3) Response timing– 5 ms is the standard response timing which you will get in almost all the products within the given price range.

4) Power consumption– Power consumption ranges from 16-20W. The maximum would be 22W.

5) Brightness– In most of the monitors within the concerned price range brightness would range from 200 to 220 nits. In some models, you do get around 250 nits too.

6) Horizontal viewing angle– In most of the products the horizontal viewing angle is 90 degrees. It could be more depending on the model.

7) Vertical viewing angle– 65-160 degrees is the standard vertical viewing for most of the products. In 160 degrees you get the best vertical viewing angle.

All the provided specifications are based on the general estimate. These are the standard. The goal while buying is to meet the basics of the criteria and not settle for any less than the standards of specifications.

Overall pros that you could avail based on customer reviews- Most of the best LED monitor under 5000 in india will come with an easy installation. You will get good vivid colours and a considerably standard viewing angle. The resolution will perfectly cater to your basic needs. You will be able to avail of an anti-glare screen, which is extremely necessary, considering that there won’t be any reflections of light or no bright spots. The displays won’t heat up even after a long usage of some 9 to 10 hours. For most of the branded monitors within the given price range, you will not require extra software. You could easily plugin, and the monitor can be used efficiently. These are really good for gaming or for general use.

For the display resolution within the given price, the range will come around 1600*900 HD panel. The picture quality you will get is completely uncompromising.  Considering the aesthetic value of the product, there will not be a lot of options considering colours. That will be quite limited. But the design would mostly be sleek, lightweight, which will cater to your aesthetic value. You should always choose the more power-efficient option when you are choosing the monitor.

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