Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor (Review 2020)

Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor

Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor

There are several best laptops under 25000 with i3 processor in the market that you can choose from. Laptops have become a necessity for students as well as professionals. Although the laptops under 25000 are not high-performing ones, they are perfect for students and professionals with very basic computing needs. Most laptops in this price range come in a sleek and classic style. There exists a great demand for high-end budget laptops as they offer standard entertainment features and a good battery backup.

Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor in India (2020)

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What Are The Features Seen In Best Laptops Under 25000 With i3 Processor?

Most of the leading brands manufacture budget-friendly laptops. Actually, budget-friendly laptops are of great demand, and the laptop manufacturing companies are struggling to make their product stand-out in the long list available in the market.  However, there are some common features you might notice in most of the laptops under 25000 INR with i3 processor. They include:

  1. Random Access Memory (RAM)

The RAM of your laptop defines how much data can be stored in your device. It temporarily stores data, and your laptop is working on these data stored in RAM. The increased storage space of RAM increases the performance of your laptop. You would get a 4GB DDR4 RAM with a budget of about 25000 rupees. Most laptops in this price range come up with an expandable RAM.

  1. Processor

The processor is called as the heart of computers. The processor determines the speed of your laptop. To run multiple windows at a time, you need a powerful processor. Most of the laptops in a budget price range com with i3 processors. The i3 processors are perfect for basic computing and entertainment programs. You should choose the i5 processor for high-end functions.

  1. Screen Size And Screen Quality

Laptops with a bigger screen are more costly. You would get a screen size of 14 inches to 15.6 inches in a budget-friendly laptop within a price range of 25000. The screen size in the range of 14 to 15.6 would support graphics.

You would get a good screen quality in your price range. Most laptops in the price range of 25000 rupees provide Full HD resolution.

  1. Storage

Most laptops of this price range provide storage space of 1 TB HDD with 5400rpm. You can use an external hard disc according to your storage needs.

  1. Connectivity Ports

The laptops in this price range offer up to six connectivity ports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which processor is best for laptops under 25000?

The i3 processor is suitable for basic computing needs. If you seek a high-performance, you should choose a laptop with an i5 processor.

  1. Which brands offer budget-friendly laptops within Rs.25000?

Most of the leading brands, such as HP, Lenovo, and Asus, are manufacturing quality budget-friendly laptops.

  1. Is a good gaming laptop available in the price range of Rs.25000?

You won’t get a good gaming laptop in this price range. Most gaming laptops are very expensive.

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