Best Laptop Under 30000 With 8GB RAM – Review 2020

Best Laptop Under 30000 With 8GB RAM

Best Laptop Under 30000 With 8GB RAM

Are you looking for the best laptop under 30000 with 8GB RAM ? There are many options you can choose from different companies. What are the things that must be considered while purchasing a laptop of such specs? More importantly, which companies make the best laptops in this segment. Purchasing the wrong laptop under 30000 can be a huge mistake.

List of Best Laptop Under 30000 With 8GB RAM – (2020)

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Mentioned below are a few things that you must consider while going for a laptop:

  • Processor – Getting a laptop with an i5 processor at this range is significant. Going for an i3 laptop would mean that even the most basic functions of your laptop would slow down very much with time. There is no way that you can get a laptop with an i7 processor at this range, but if you can settle for a second-hand laptop, you might get an i7 processor one as well.
  • Weight – Even though you won’t get the slimmest and lightest of laptops in this price range, you should still go for the one which feels the lightest. Purchasing a heavy laptop can be a disadvantage when you are carrying it on your shoulders for long periods every day. It can result in neck, back, and shoulder pain.
  • Display – It is highly unlikely that you can get a 4k retina display, but you can still manage to get a laptop with a decent display. One of the factors for display is the size of the screen. If you are comfortable with smaller screens, it is better to go that way because the pixels are more packed and look good.
  • Memory – You can get laptops with the internal memory of up to 1TB. This is one of the many advantages of buying a windows laptop. With Windows laptops, almost every drive has more than 250 GB of storage space. That should be sufficient for most of us.
  • Operating System – Getting the latest OS is an important thing. Why? It is because with the latest OS comes the latest security patches which keep your data safe from virus attacks. Currently, Windows 10 is the latest OS. Windows is the best OS you can go for at this price range. Linux can be a little complex to use for an average user, and you won’t get laptops with MacOS X at this price range.
  • Graphic Card – Most of the laptops under 30000 INR won’t have a graphic card pre-installed. You can get it installed for an extra cost later on. But there are some laptops which do have a graphic card. They won’t be the most powerful graphics cards, but something is better than nothing right? So it would help if you went for a laptop which has a graphic card as well. You can’t expect to play high-end graphic games on these laptops, but they can support games which are on the lower end.

Some of the best companies which make the best laptops below 30000 with 8GB RAM are Lenovo, HP, and Asus.

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