Best keypad phone under 3000 in India – (Review 2020)

Best keypad phone under 3000 in India

Best keypad phone under 3000 in India

Are you in search of the best keypad phone under 3000 in India ? Every person that crosses your path in your daily life is most likely to be the owner of a phone. Phones are no longer a luxury; they have now become articles of necessity that are carried around in pockets or handbags. With phones packed with basic features made available at a price of 3000 or less, people from all walks of life are taking their claim to stay connected by purchasing such phones. People across diverse ages and occupations carry phones to stay abreast at work or to just keep in touch with their loved ones. Keypad phones available at low rates have managed to gain popularity by sufficing the needs of its buyers.

Best keypad phone under 3000 in India

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What are the features that must be considered before investing in a keypad phone?

Display size: The display size is one of the key features that determine the utility of the phone. Regular keypad phones are known to come with a display size of 2.4 inches as opposed to their flip-open counterparts that entail a 2 inches display with up to 240×320 resolution. Owing to the presence of the keypad, display sizes that are more than 2 inches will serve the purpose in phones priced less than INR 3000.

Memory: Under INR 3,000 priced keypad phones often come with limited memory capabilities. Depending on the purpose for which the phone is procured, buyers make do with memory constraints. A RAM of 32 MB and a storage capacity that can be upgraded to at least 32GB is a good deal in this product category.

Battery: Keypad phones offered at this price are known to come with a good battery life that sustains the phones for long durations of time. Battery capacity offered in these phones range from 800 mAh to 1550 mAh. It is, however, advisable to go for a product with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of at least 1020 mAh to enjoy seamless connectivity.

Camera: People are often surprised to see keypad phones that accommodate the camera feature. Though the camera capabilities are not flaunt-worthy, the mere presence of this feature on such compact phones should be deemed as an added benefit. 0.3-0.8 MP primary rear camera is included in the phone that is offered at a rate lower than INR 3,000.

Other features: Some keypad phones offered in this price range come with a dual sim capability. Additionally, these phones are also known to possess other features such as Bluetooth connectivity, 2G/3G connectivity, and a warranty of a minimum of 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Are branded keypad phones available in this price range?

Yes, keypad phones less than the price of 3000 are available in popular brands such as Nokia, BlackBear, and Samsung, among others.

  1. Do these phones provide the value for money spent?

Yes, these phones come with similar features as their expensive touch-screen counterparts. Although their configurations are in no way comparable to the latter, keypad phones in this price range provide decent features that supersede the value of money thus spent.

  1. Are flip-open keypad phones good for use?

It is better to opt for a regular keypad phone rather than a flip-open one, as the latter comes with a lesser display size of 2 inches.

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