Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India – 2020 Review

Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India

Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India

One thing you can really agree that it is easy to purchase the best ink tank printer under 15000 in India but how to do it might seem an impossible task. Why? Of course, printers are cheap, but their ink will cost a huge fortune. In today’s era, you can purchase a printer from online just at $30 (basic inkjet printer) however, you would end up paying $25 for replacing the first cartridge.

Here the surprising aspect is that the first ink cartridge you get will have few milliliters of ink. This can print 200 pages. Well, this is about black and white printer, but purchasing a color ink will cost even more.

Best Ink Tank Printer under 15000 in India

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Best Ink Printer Under 15000

Go For A Good Ink Tank To Save Money

As clearly stated, getting the best ink tank printer below 15000 in india is easy, but concerning the ink, shoppers have a third option. They can go for printers having refillable ink tanks rather than using the replaceable cartridges that are cheaper as well as environmentally friendly, compared to the laserjet and inkjet printer.

If you check the tank-based printers are more expensive compared to the cheap inkjets. However, their prices are the same as what you would be spending on a high-quality inkjet printer.

You might end up paying $150 for the tank-based printer, and the prices can rise based on the kind of feature you want. However, irrespective of the up-front-cost that is present, these ink tank printer under 15000 in india will save a lot of money over time. This is especially in situations where you have to print a lot.

Keep in mind that each bottle of the ink will be costing from $8 to $20. Most importantly, they would be lasting longer compared to the pricy ink cartridges where you might get at least 6,000 pages with each bottle. So, in short, the ink bottle will be equal to about 30 ink cartridges, thereby providing you with a great amount of cash savings as and when you print often.

Avoid and Be Careful Of Printer And Cartridge Prices

Compared to the ink tank printers under 15000 in india, cheap ones will always be having expensive cartridges. So, what happens is that they would end up costing a lot as maintenance in the long run.

If you check most of the brand-new printers you purchase will have a starter cartridge that is partially filled. This is the most common practice followed by printer manufacturers so that you can use them. But you would end up being back to the store for purchasing a full-priced brand-new high yield cartridge.

Getting The Best Ink Tank Printer Under 15000 Fitting Your Needs

Nowadays, printers you get have various features and functions. The first thing you need to do is find out if you really want a laser or inkjet printer. If you are going with inkjet printers they are versatile, compact, and can print both documents and decent colored photos. But going with a laser printer means you are taking the workhouse of the printing world. Laser printers are common in offices and schools.

Final Verdict

Try to select the best ink tank printer under 15000 in india that suits your needs and requirements.

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