Best Home Theater under 2000 in India (2020 Review)

Best Home Theater under 2000 in India

Best Home Theater under 2000 in India

People these days prefer to enjoy quality entertainment in the comfort of their homes and this is why Best Home Theater under 2000 in India is becoming very popular. Entertainment lovers choose to buy home theaters that come with both audio and video equipment that is known to give a multiplex feel. Being able to choose and buy a good home theater, that is now available at a price as less as INR 2,000, enhances the viewers’ entertainment experience as a whole. Selecting the right home theater, however, requires the buyer to know the key features that determine whether a system is good or not.

Best Home Theater under 2000 in India (2020)

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The increasing demand for home theaters has resulted in the influx of these products in the market and are offered by numerous brands. Some of the features that a home theater needs to possess in order to be categorized as good are listed below.

  • Audio power: Home theaters need to produce both quality video and audio output. Although home theaters under INR 2,000 come with an audio power of up to 5000 watts, it is preferred that buyers with small to average size homes opt for products with audio power between 25 – 50 watts.
  • Speakers: Home theaters come with speakers and a subwoofer. However, the number of speakers that different brands offer tends to vary. The minimum number of speakers offered start at 2 and can go up to 5. The more the number of speakers, the better the surround sound.
  • Built-in add-ons: In addition to playing movies and music for entertainment, home theaters also allows buyers to listen to their favourite radio channels while they are at home. The latest products are also known to come with built-in MP3 players.
  • Connectivity: Most home theaters come with wireless and Bluetooth connectivity capabilities. Additionally, they also have the provision to connect with other devices such as laptops or smartphones via an AUX cable.
  • Size: Some home theaters tend to be bulky and heavy. So, finding a system that weighs less than 5 kgs under INR 2,000 can be challenging. But it is not impossible.
  • Other features: It is a plus if home theaters come with a warranty, LED display/indicator, wireless remote control, and a wooden cabinet wherein the subwoofer can be housed.

Home theaters with most or all the above-stated features under the price of INR 2,000 are definitely a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are home theaters available at under INR 2,000 good?

From our research, we have found several home theater systems that give a tight competition to their expensive counterparts. The features that these systems possess are sufficient for an average-sized home. So yes, it is possible to find Best Home theater under 2000 in India.

  1. How many speakers should the home theater have to enjoy good entertainment experience?

Although these systems come with 2 -5 speakers, we recommend purchasing the one that comes with the maximum number of speakers. The speakers, when placed and adjusted correctly, will give you a feel of a small multiplex.

  1. Do home theaters under INR 2,000 come with a USB slot?

Most home theaters available in this price range come with a USB slot. If this provision is not present, we recommend not to buy the system.

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