Best Graphic Card under 10000 in India – (2020 Review)

Best Graphic Card under 10000 in India

Best Graphic Card under 10000 in India

What is the best graphic card under 10000 in India? Well, as a buyer, you have plenty of options. Today, the graphics card is an integral part of a computer system. In most cases, the Central Processing Unit (CPU) comes with an integrated Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). However, there is always a provision to add more strength to the GPU by adding a graphics card to the graphics card slot. You can enhance the graphical performance of your desktop through the addition of a good quality graphics card. With a budget of 10000 INR, you shall find many options for buying graphic cards for your PC.

Best Graphic Card under 10000 in India

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Tips for Buying the Best Graphic Card under 10000 in India

If you use your computer for gaming, graphic designing, photo editing, video editing, and other similar purposes, the graphics card is essential for your PC. For purchasing a graphics card under 10000 INR in India, you can follow the tips that are shared in the following section.

  1. Compatibility with CPU

The most crucial thing is to check the compatibility of a graphics card with your PC’s processor. If they are not compatible, the graphical performance of your desktop will not be satisfactory. Incompatibility between GPU and CPU can also lead to abrupt heating generation, slow per romance of computer, and many other technical issues.

  1. Compatibility with Monitor

If you have a monitor that features 1280 x 1024 resolutions, you do not need a high-end graphics card. In that case, you can easily manage to find a good graphics card within 10000 INR price. For 1080p monitors, you need a high-end graphics card. At the cost of 10000 INR, it is possible to find a good graphics card to match your monitor with 1080p resolution.

  1. Bandwidth

When you buy the best graphic card , you should pay attention to details like bandwidth, memory, etc. Graphics card comes with two types of dedicated memory units, and they are known as GDDR3 and GDDR5. Choosing a graphics card with GDDR5 memory is advantageous, as this type of memory offers higher bandwidth than GDDR3 memory. As per experts, 1GB GDDR5 is better than 4GB GDDR3.

  1. TDP Value

Like CPU, you shall find that GPU generates heat. With TDP value, you can understand the power which is needed for keeping GPU at the right temperature. Depending on your choice of graphics card, you have to add more fans to your cabinet.

AMD vs. Nvidia

In the marketplace, you shall find different manufacturers for graphics cards under 10000 INR price. Among products from different brands, graphics processing units from Nvidia and AMD are predominantly popular among buyers. If you have a tight budget, AMD is the best option for you. There are many choices for AMD graphics cards at a budget of 10000 INR. Choices are limited if you are seeking Nvidia graphic cards. Nvidia is known for producing high-end graphics cards, which come with prices above 10000 INR.

For buying the best graphic card under 10000 in India, you can make a list of products from different companies. You can compare their prices and feature to pick the best-suited product for your PC.

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