Best Gaming Monitor Under 20000 in India – (2020 Review)

Best Gaming Monitor Under 20000 in India

Best Gaming Monitor Under 20000 in India

Are you planning to buy a gaming monitor for you and looking for the best gaming monitor under 20000 in India ? A gaming monitor is a screen, specially designed for games. They are available in different sizes, features and of course, prices. You are sure to get one as per your budget. About gaming, some people may feel it’s a waste of money, but others may say you are losing out a lot of fun.

Best Gaming Monitor Under 20000 in India

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Choosing the best gaming monitor for you is a task. It includes different ports and jacks for headphones. They also have base brackets to tilt, spin or pivot the monitor for better viewing angles.

Before buying any gaming monitor, you should look for certain essential features in it. Here are some highlights for you:


Always buy a well-known and popular brand. The brand value matters in many ways. If there is any problem after purchase, you can either replace or get a free repair in an authorised company shop. Most brands provide warranty and other benefits.


In a gaming monitor, the most important thing is the display resolution. They are available with different resolutions. A higher resolution, i.e., higher pixel count, has better visual detailing and image clarity.

Refresh Rate

A monitor’s refresh rate counts how many times the monitor can refresh the image per second. Also, it determines the number of frames the monitor displays per second. The performance is better if the refresh rate is more. But remember, to have a reasonable refresh rate, your graphics card should be competent to the high framerates.

Adaptive Sync

To avoid screen tearing while the game is on, you should consider either Free Sync or G-sync. Nowadays, most of the monitors include either of these. So, not to worry.

The Panel Technology

Today, monitors depend on two types of panels. The IPS panels offer better visual quality, which is more vibrant and more accurate colours, and a better viewing angle. On the other hand, the TN panel supports faster response times.

Response Time

Response time represents the time a single-pixel switches the colour from black to white or different shades of grey. It is measured in ms(millisecond). The lower the Response time is a better gaming experience.

Screen Size

Screen size isn’t significant as you will be viewing the monitor up close, and the differences are minor. Today, gaming monitors are available in 21 inches and 27 inches. These represent the perfect balance of visual clarity comfort. Which size to choose is up to you.


A modern gaming monitor has inputs and outputs ports, DisplayPort 1.4. It is best for video/audio transfer. Besides, a monitor may also have a 3.5mm audio input and one or multiple USB ports of different types.


  • What is the safe distance from the monitor?

The distance should at least be 75CM approx. Or maybe an arm’s length.

  • What monitor is suitable for gaming?

24-inch and 27-inch monitors are the most ideal for gaming.

  • What is the refresh rate of the gaming monitor?

A refresh rate is the number of times your monitor refreshes or updates new images per second.

  • What is the response rate of the gaming monitor?

The response time is how quickly the pixels change colour.

  • Are refresh rate and response rate both important?

Both are very important. If the refresh rate is low and response time slow, it will result in a Blur picture.

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