Best Gaming Laptop in India Under 80000 INR (Review 2020)

Best Gaming Laptop in India Under 80000 INR

Best Gaming Laptop in India Under 80000 INR

Looking for the best gaming laptop in India under 80000 INR can be a hectic job. If you are a gamer and want to purchase a gaming laptop which brings you the best value, read ahead. All of the current generation games are built on very high frame rates which require a mighty machine to work correctly. If you purchase a cheaper laptop and get an expensive graphic card installed, that can work, but still, that would bring a lot of load on your laptop. It can overheat and slow down a lot.

List of Best Gaming Laptop in India Under 80000 INR

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What should you look for when you are purchasing a gaming laptop under 80000 ?

  1. Sound

The quality of music that you get is essential for excellent gaming performance. Ensure that your gaming laptop has dual speakers so that you get the maximum output of sound from the game. In addition to this, watching videos and movies will be very enjoyable with higher quality sound output.

  1. Build Quality

If you are shelling out 80000 Rs for your gaming laptop, you wouldn’t want a laptop with basic body build. It should feel premium and classy when you touch it and carry it. It is essential for the whole gaming experience. One advantage of better build quality is that it will increase the performance of your laptop.

  1. Battery Backup

You can’t go for a laptop which does not have a good battery backup. Higher quality gaming is going to take a lot of power, and if your battery doesn’t last, you will have to plug in your charger and play in a very restrictive environment all the time. In addition to this, ensure that your laptop supports fast charging.

  1. Processor and Performance

The performance will depend on the kind of processor installed in your laptop. CPU and GPU play a vital role in this. They have to process all the data and commands that are being given by you. Don’t go for any laptop which has less than 16GB RAM. At the same time, RAM should be expandable up to 32GB.

  1. Display

If you have a power-packed laptop, but it can’t show you the best visuals of the game, its use diminishes? Purchase a laptop which has a full HD display. The standard refresh rate for a decent gaming laptop is 120Hz, so check this as well. Especially if you are a video creator, then you want the best quality visuals for editing and rendering the video.

  1. Operating System

The current best operating system in Windows 10 and it should be mandatorily installed in your laptop. Having the latest operating system will keep your laptop safe from all the security threats.

  1. Ports

Naturally, you are going to be using a different type of wired connections to your laptop. So ensure that your laptop has all the necessary ports that you are going to be using regularly for a smoother experience. This way, you won’t have to spend extra money on purchasing additional external ports.

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