Best Earphones Under 3500 – 4000 In India ( 2020 – Buying Review)

Best Earphones Under 3500 - 4000 In India

Best Earphones Under 3500 – 4000 In India

With a market so big and a plethora of options for buying an earphone, it can be a difficult job to select the right earphone for you. But if you are looking for the best earphones under 3500 – 4000 in india 2020, you can narrow down the options very easily. A lot of companies manufacture some awesome earphones. The technology has improved drastically in the last decade and so the earphones today have an amazing sound quality and life for a very cheap price.

Best Earphones Under 3500 – 4000 In India 2020

 So what can you expect from a good quality earphone? 

  1. Lush sound quality

The primary thing that you want from your earphones is the sound quality. You don’t want to pay for an earphone which doesn’t even give you a good sound quality. The quality of sound can open up the experience to you in a completely different level if you are watching a video or a movie.

  1. Build and design

Many people don’t recognise this, but build and design play a major role in your experience of the earphone. The build can be premium quality or very low rubber quality as well. Go for an earphone which has a premium body and a design which may not be unique, but looks elegant.

  1. Noise cancellation

Outside sounds while watching something important can ruin your mood. That is why your earphones must come with an ability of noise cancellation. But you should always remember that noise cancellation can feel too heavy for the head if used for a long period.

  1. Customised ear-tips

The ear tips should be customisable as per your convenience. If you are someone whose ear size is different from that of the general size of what earphone companies offer, then you will face a lot of difficulty in adjusting it to your ears. That is why go for an earphone which allows you to change the ear tips and also provide several ear tips of different sizes.

  1. Value for money

You don’t want to be overpaying for an earphone under 3500 – 4000 in India 2020.  There are thousands of options out there, if you feel like an earphone is overpriced, don’t pay for it. Find something else for you. Only pay money for something which is returning you the same value.

  1. Mic

A lot of earphones come with a mic, but a lot of them come without one as well. You want an earphone that has a mic on it so that it can also help you in recording something or talking in call with someone.

  1. Buttons

Go for the earphones which have a button on them. These buttons are ideally used for controlling the volume or changing the song or picking up/disconnecting the call. So basically, you won’t have to touch your phone if you have these buttons on the earphone.

  1. Waterproof

If you are a runner or an active person, you will sweat a lot while wearing your earphones. You wouldn’t want water or your sweat to go inside the earphones and damage them.

Types Of Best Earphones Under 3500 – 4000 In India ( 2020 )

  1. Wired earphones

These earphones are the traditional ones that you might have seen a lot of people using. They are comparatively cheap, and since the data transmission will be through wires, the quality of the audio will be really good.

  1. Wireless earphones

These earphones run with the help of Bluetooth. If you don’t like the wire dropping down from your ears time after time, you can purchase these. There are not completely wireless as well, both the ear tips are still connected with wires, but the only difference is that you don’t have to connect it to the phone physically.

  1. Ear bullets

These are the latest kind of earphones in the market. Almost every company since Apple introduced Airpods has been trying to come out with their ear bullets. These bullets or earphones go directly into our ears and are not connected with any sort of wires. You can store these ear bullets in the box they come with, and they charge directly inside it. The only thing is that they run out of charge fast, so you need to keep the box charged every time you are going out.

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