Best 50 Inch LED TV Under 50000 in India – (2020 Review)

Best 50 Inch LED TV Under 50000 in India

Best 50 Inch LED TV Under 50000 in India

Are you planning to buy the best 50 inch LED TV under 50000 in india ? We are living in the golden age of content, and the best way to enjoy them is in a LED TV. There are many sizes of LED TV’s available, but the most demanded volume is 50 inch. The kind of features these best 50 inch LED TV under 50000 INR have are incredible.

Best 50 Inch LED TV Under 50000 in India

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Almost all of these TV’s have the following list of features.

  • Display – All of these TV’s have a 4K resolution tech support. These are all LED displays. The brightness is auto adjustable, so you don’t have to worry. Talking about the contrast of the video, you can change it as per your choice or also keep the auto contrast active.
  • Sound – The surround sound Dolby technology has made a lot of noise in the market. All of these LED TV’s come with surround sound so that you can get the most out of your movie/video experience. The clarity of sound is also something to appreciate, even at these low costs, you get world-class sound output.
  • Energy Consumption – This is one of the most critical factors to look after when going to purchase a TV or any other electronic item. More energy consumption would mean an increased electricity bill. Even though the LED TV’s are mighty, they consume very less power and run very efficiently to save you a lot of money over a long period. According to stats, LED TV’s consumer 20% to 30% less power as compared to LCD TV’
  • Ports – Each of these television sets come with their dedicated ports. If you want to run something from the pen drive or connect your computer to the TV for playing video, you can do that as well.
  • Design – It is one o the most lucrative things about these television sets, you can get a lot of unique designs for a low price. Some of the new designs which have come into massive demand are curved TV’ These curved TV’s are installed with the kind of technology which helps the user in increasing their experience of watching a video or movie. Everything feels more surreal watching on a curved TV.
  • Smart TV’s – The trend of smart TV’s has come into the market for quite a few years now. Some people want more out of their TV”s and this quick feature will help them. The TV’s today are equipped with Android tech so that the applications which are compatible with the TV can be run smoothly. Watching YouTube on TV is something that most of us will enjoy.
  • Weight – LED TV’s of 50 inches are usually 15 kgs in weight in an average. So if you have the strength of an average adult, you can move it quite quickly. Additionally, all these TV’s come with a warranty of one year. Some of the companies also provide an additional guarantee of one year, but that’s it, you don’t get anything else.

All the best 50 inches LED TV below 50000 in India have all of these features in general. There might be slight differences, but that’s it, all of them are quite the same.

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