Best 5.1 speakers under 7000 – Buying Review (2020)

Best 5.1 speakers under 7000

Best 5.1 speakers under 7000

The best 5.1 speakers under 7000 INR are creative accessories without which multimedia devices will not be able to deliver entertainment to their full potential. People are now seeking to enjoy the best quality entertainment in the comfort of their homes. This can be made possible only if the multimedia devices they own are coupled with a superior quality speaker. However, purchasing a creative accessory that delivers a superior quality audio output is definitely bound to burn a hole in the entertainment seekers’ pocket. The good news is that 5.1 speakers with specific features can deliver the desired output at a price of INR 7,000 or less. The market is flooded with a plethora of counterfeit products that can sway the buyer’s decision to make a wrong purchase. In order to aid prospective buyers in their decision to purchase the best 5.1 speakers under INR 7,000, we have put together a list of features that need to be checked for.

List of Best 5.1 speakers under 7000 in India

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Audio system:

5.1 speakers usually come with 5 or more satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer to enable the entertainment buff to adjust the same to enjoy excellent surround sound. Any system that offers less than the said number of satellite speakers is not to be considered for purchase.

Power output:

The best 5.1 speakers available in the market come with a power output of up to 75 watts. Speakers with an output above 45 watts are good enough for the price of INR 7,000 or less. Anything lower than 45 watts is not recommended to be purchased.

Frequency response:

This determines the quality of output that the speaker delivers and hence must be checked before the purchase. The satellite speakers and the subwoofer have different frequency responses. 5.1 speakers with a frequency response of 120 – 20 kHz (for satellite speakers) and 40 – 125 kHz (for subwoofer) are available in the market if the buyer searches for it intently. Purchasing a speaker with anything less than the frequency response stated will not fetch the buyer the best 5.1 speakers in the said price range.

FM radio provision:

5.1 speakers with FM radio provision and PLL technology is a good buy for under INR 7,000. Some speakers also come with an FM storage feature that allows the buyer to store up to 100 radio channels.


Needless to say, that only the speakers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and AUX connectivity must be considered for purchase. Although speakers do work find with one or two of the stated connectivity options, it is advisable to opt for a 5.1 speaker that has it all.

LED display:

Some 5.1 speakers that are available for a price of under 7000 are known to come with a LED display that aids in easy operation.

Other features:

The additional features that can further be looked for while purchasing the said speakers are USB and memory card slot, sleek design, warranty (at least for a year), and a wireless remote.

Finding a 5.1 speaker that comes with most (if not all) of the above-listed features will qualify it to be one of the best in the given price range.

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