Best 49 inch LED TV in India – Buying Review (2020)

Best 49 inch LED TV in India

Best 49 inch LED TV in India

Television (TV), which was a luxury commodity in times past, has become a must-have product in every household today, and it has increased the demand for the best 49-inch LED TV in India. Any house you may visit is likely to own and display a TV set in their living room. The advent of smart TV has increased the popularity and value of the box that can keep you engaged for hours at a stretch. Smart TVs let its users to not only watch channels provided by their cable operator but also allows them to view their social media as well as other digital TV apps. The act of deciding which brand and TV model is apt for a household can be very unnerving.

In this article, we have put together several points that one can consider and check before deciding to buy a 49-inch LED TV. Several brands are offering various models of 49-inch LED TVs, and the below-listed points will help you decide as to which model can be cited as the best.

List of Best 49 inch LED TV in India




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Points to be considered before purchasing a 49-inch LED TV:


49-inch LED TVs available in the market come with either UHD or full HD display. A TV with a UHD display comes with a 3840 x 2160 resolution housing 8 million pixels as opposed to 1920 x 1080 resolution in an HD TV. As TVs with UHD display have an increased number of pixels they tend to provide a better resolution, thereby resulting in an enhanced entertainment experience for the viewer.

Audio output:

The basic audio output that these TVs come with is 20W. However, TVs with 40 W audio output with a Bluetooth link facility that connects with 2 satellite speakers are also available in the market. Some TVs also possess features such as Digital Sound Enhancing Engine and Bass Reflex, providing better quality sound, making the entertainment experience worth the while.

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Operating system:

Different 49-inch LED TVs come with different operating system that allows the viewer to enjoy popular streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The most commonly available smart TV operating systems are Android, WebOS, Tizen, and Firefox. As all the mentioned operating systems are known to allow TVs to interact seamlessly with Apps via API, hence any one of the above-mentioned TV OS is deemed to be a good feature.

Refresh rate:

This is yet another feature that determines the image quality that the viewer gets to enjoy. A 49-inch LED TV with a refresh rate that is greater than 120 Hz is said to display 120+ frames per second, thereby providing superior quality of visuals for the viewer to enjoy.


49-inch LED TVs with the above-listed features are sold by popular brands between the price range of INR 22,000 – INR 55,000. The TVs available at the lower range usually have features that include Full HD display and 60 Hz refresh rate. The TVs priced higher come with better features such as better audio output, connectivity, and higher refresh rate. Although TVs available in the market are coming with mostly 60 Hz refresh rate, it is good for prospective buyers to watch out for the ones that come with a higher rate.

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