Best 40 Inch LED TV Under 25000 in India – ( 2020 Review)

Best 40 Inch LED TV Under 25000 in India

Best 40 Inch LED TV Under 25000 in India

If you are looking for the best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 INR, there are many options available for you. What makes an LED TV an excellent choice to purchase? More importantly, which company sells the best models. 40 inch is a considerably large size so you must be buying the TV which can support good quality display so that you don’t have to watch videos or movies in a lousy quality. What should you look for when deciding which TV to purchase?

Best 40 Inch LED TV Under 25000 in India – (2020)

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Mentioned here is a list of features your TV must have!

  1. Smart Features

Today, almost every TV comes with smart technology. You can run Android applications on your TV now. Apps such as YouTube and other streaming platforms can be installed and used to watch videos and listen to music. You can also use Google’s search engine on your TV because of the smart technology. So you don’t have to get up, get your phone, and then check those social media profiles. You can do it all on your TV. Connecting to WiFi is also possible since it is an Android TV, and that is how you surf the internet in the first place.

  1. Sound Quality

Since the price range of the TV is not very high, you can’t purchase a TV which has surround sound tech installed. But you can still get a TV which has excellent speakers and a sound card of premium quality. The loudness of the TV is something you can check once before you finalise your purchase so that you can verify if the sound cracks when it goes higher than average.

  1. Display

The most important thing for a TV is its display. You can’t purchase curved 4k displays in this price range from a good company, but you can buy TVs which have HD display support. Anything less than an HD display will be terrible. Your satellite box with HD subscription will be of no use since there is no HD display support on the TV.

  1. 3D

There are televisions at this price range that come with 3D technology. You won’t get these TV’s from very high valued companies, but if you can settle for TV’s from lesser-known companies, you can get 3D variants with curved displays.

  1. Connectivity

You would want to connect your laptop from the TV to stream videos or movies. For that, you need USB ports and HDMI ports so that HD transfer of data can be possible. In addition to this, you can connect your pen drives to the TV for viewing images and videos.

Which are The Best Companies?

If you are wondering which are the best companies you can purchase the best 40 inch LED TV under 25000 INR, read below:

  1. Samsung
  2. LG
  3. Xiaomi
  4. Micromax
  5. Sanyo
  6. Sony

All of these companies have been developing technology for a better part of the decade with Android to bring you the most fluid Android experience on a TV. You can trust the promises these companies make.

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