Best 1.5 ton split AC in India(2020) | Buyer Guide & Review

Best 1.5 ton split AC in India

Best 1.5 ton split AC in India

After the chilling winter, we have to get ready for the scorching summers now, and many of you might be looking for the best 1.5 ton split ac in India for that. In the unbearable hot weather, to feel cold of winter, AC is the ultimate solution. The ACs have now replaced fans. Nowadays, we can’t think life without air conditioners, isn’t it? If you agree, this is the article for you.

Air conditioners are becoming very popular from last few years due to the rising temperature in every year as an effect of global warming. Even the Air conditioners are affordable. And thus, the demand for air conditioner is increasing, making AC an integral part all over the world. Even Indian homes are not exception to it.

Air conditioner industry has seen significant changes in the last few years. With the hi-tech models and artificial intelligence system, there is a lot of competition in the market. Indian AC market has grown expressively in recent times and if believed to grow more in future years. AC was a luxury a few years back, now is an essential commodity for almost everyone, even in the middle and low middle class.

List of Best 1.5 ton split AC in India | List of different models for you

  1. Daikin 1.5 Ton 5 Star Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC

Daikin is one of the significant manufacturers of most excellent electronics in India. With its neo-swing compressor technology produces fewer vibrations and friction, in turn, making the AC a quieter.

Pros :

  • It comes with the latest Econo mode
  • It uses less power
  • The cooling is fast

Cons :

  • It may be a little expensive.
  1. LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC with WIFI

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LG, with its best electronic products, has a decent market share in India. This inverter AC is in demand and available on Amazon. Its DUAL Inverter Compressor with a Dual Rotary Motor saves more energy with higher cooling than conventional compressors. The result of this makes the AC cool faster, runs quieter for a long time.

Pros :

  • It cools Fast with the Dual inverter compressor
  • Quieter in comparison of other ACs

Cons :

  • It uses a lot of energy.
  1. Whirlpool 1.5 Ton Wi-Fi Inverter Split AC with three stars

An American brand that provides a series of decent air conditioners (AC). Whirlpool, a reputed brand in ACs, is excellent and versatile with thoughtful innovation. For 100+ tears in the market, it is the largest home appliance maker in the world today. It shares roughly 5 % of the AC market with an excellent growth rate. Presently, Whirlpool operates only in the residential AC segment with two basic types of ACs: window AC and split AC.

Pros :

  • 3D cool technology
  • 6th sense intellicomfort technology
  • Voice and Wi-Fi enabled


  • Only in residential AC segment.
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  1. Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Split AC

Voltas is the most trusted brand in the Air Conditioning industry. It offers a wide range of high-performance ACs to customers. They are leaders in the Indian market. If you are planning to buy a 1.5 ton split AC in India, you can have a look at it.


  • It has an extreme cooling power
  • It works with Alexa empowered devices with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • The copper condenser makes the cooling more durable and requires low maintenance.
  • It operates from anywhere, with a Smart Timer, and a Sleep Mode with the feature of Self-Diagnosis
  • Cost-effective


  • The AC doesn’t have a reliable air filter
  1. Sanyo 1.5 Ton 5 Star Dual Inverter Wide Split

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Sanyo has been the customers’ choice for providing excellent quality products at affordable rates. It is a Japanese developing technology and is in the market for a few years now. Their latest technology will help you in saving a lot of money by lesser electricity consumption.


  • Its anti-dust filter helps in eliminating harmful pollen and dust from inside the room.
  • The AC compressor with two independent rotors makes it efficient and cools faster.


  • The maintenance costs may be too high in some instances.
  1. Panasonic 1.5 Ton 3 Star Wi-Fi Twin Cool Inverter Split AC

Panasonic is for the advanced technology and for using a component with high durability. They manufacture appliances with a high degree of functionality. It has a variable speed compressor. It adjusts power according to the heat load.


  • It is maximum energy efficient.
  • It is with a 3-star rating and makes the lowest noise.
  • Suitable for medium-sized rooms (111 to 150 sq. ft)


  • Little bulky in size compared to other ACs

What is the importance of an AC ?

Temperature is rising as high as or beyond 500C in some places in India, it is a must thing in every household. People prefer 1.5-ton split ACs in India with robust technology and long-lasting components, which help to provide cooling comfort during the ultimate summers.

Why only in summers, today’s hi-tech ACs are capable of delivering ideal climate control in every climate, may it be heavy downpours or chilling winters. Some ACs are with heaters, which can be used in winters also.

Another reason is pollution. People prefer the closed windows in homes and offices to avoid pollution. So, AC’s are wanted everywhere and nowadays used throughout the year.

They are better suited for larger rooms. These rooms need wider air circulation. A split air conditioner helps to regulate the temperature in a place as well as the humidity. These are the most critical issues of summer.

In the split air conditioner, a wall-mounted cooling unit provides air. Due to an inside and an outside part, it is called a split air conditioner.

How does a split Air Conditioner work ?

Unlike window units, it keeps the outside hot and the inside cool. The compressor is outside the house, and the blower is inside the house.

Why is the 1.5-ton split AC more effective ?

There is no need for ducting to cool a room. It is a more straightforward system and thus is very useful. It has a larger compressor than a window unit; therefore, it cools a larger area. With easy to maintain individual units are easy to maintain and the compressor either on the roof or outside of the house, it is very convenient to install and sustain. It is very cost-effective when it comes to bills.

How does this type of unit differ from other types of ACs ?

The main difference between a split unit or a window air conditioner or maybe portable is the size. Its larger compressor increases its capacity than a mobile or window unit and allows better zone control.

Before buying the AC for the first time, you may have a few queries in your mind. Don’t worry, let’s clear a few common doubts in your mind.

How often should you service your air conditioning ?

Generally, it requires servicing once a year minimum and timely inspections for 3 to 4 times a year. When you buy a 1.5-ton split AC, you should schedule the time table with a service providing company. They will provide a customised plan depending on your budget and requirement for the smooth running of your system.

Does your system need to top up the refrigerant every year ?

An air conditioning system requires regular recharging if it is leaking or needs repair. Leaking of refrigerant causes less cooling capacity and uses more energy and harms the environment. Your service provider will check it while servicing, will find the refrigerant leaks if any with the latest technology. It will be cost-effective and results in better results.

Does your air conditioning control humidity inside your home ?

The properly designed air conditioning system keeps the air in your home at between 40 and 60 percent relative humidity. If your home is too humid or too dry, your technician can check your humidistat and adjust accordingly.

How to ensure that your 1.5-ton split air conditioner lasts long ?

Follow some tips to let your AC work smoothly :

For better service of your system, it should be regularly serviced by a professional. Besides, keep your AC clean. Do not allow dust, leaves or any debris from collecting around your air conditioning unit. It will prevent your AC from clogging and will keep airflow clear. Use programmable thermostats. It will reduce the usage of air conditioning.

What are the air conditioner ratings ?

EER, the Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measurement of the cooling output of an air conditioner divided by its energy usage, under specific test conditions as peak load. The higher is the number, and it is a more energy-efficient system.

SEER, the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio means the efficiency of cooling equipment, based on a seasonal average and not the laboratory average. The unit is more energy-efficient if the SEER rating is higher.

HSPF, Heating Seasonal Performance Factor is the efficiency of the system’s heat pump. Again, the system is more efficient if it is higher.

How can you reduce energy costs ?

Upgrade your unit to the latest high-efficiency 1.5-ton Split AC. Choose an excellent energy star rated systems. Understand your usage needs and install programmable thermostats. It will help you to decrease usage when you don’t need it. Regular cleaning and maintenance will help your AC to run smoothly.

Uses of 1.5-ton split AC :

  • Low chances of Asthma Attacks. AC lowers the amount of pollen and other airborne allergens leading to asthma symptoms. AC also reduce your exposure to indoor allergens like dust mites.
  • A More Secure Home as we keep our windows and doors closed. It leads an added security.
  • Air conditioning provides a relaxed and comfortable environment at home. It helps in indoor exercise. In the pleasant temperature, using the treadmill or weights after a busy day is possible.
  • AC keeps fleas away from your dog. The filters keep away bugs out, keeping your house clean.
  • Air conditioning helps us to sleep better in colder condition.
  • AC helps electronics from overheating, in turn, saves it from damage.
  • Who doesn’t want to work in a more refreshing and comfortable atmosphere? AC keeps your mind clean and improves your work efficiency.
  • AS there is less or no sweating, AC saves us from dehydration.
  • In a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, the chances of heatstroke are less. Whatever is the temperature outside, AC keeps us cool inside.
  • Due to closed doors and windows, we enjoy a noise-free room, calm and quiet.

Advantages and disadvantages of 1.5 to split Air Conditioners :

No system is full-proof and perfect. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of AC and take our decision.


  • Prevents dehydration and heatstroke- As AC maintains the cold temperature, it reduces sweating, and prevents dehydration and also heat strokes.
  • AC filters help the air inside the room clean by restricting the pollens, dust, and other allergens’ entry. It reduces humidity, and also check the growth of mites.


  • Air conditioners use a lot of electricity.
  • We have to pay bills causing financial constraints.
  • Environmental disadvantages caused by power production
  • As we spend a lot of time in AC, our skin loses its moisture and can thereby become sensitive and dry. It can irritate us.
  • A sudden change in temperature may cause symptoms of various respiratory diseases though we can reduce this risk by setting a higher temperature and decreasing it gradually.
  • If not cleaned and serviced periodically, the air filters will get blocked, resulting in low performance. It will increase the risk of asthma attacks and respiratory tract infections.

So, have you decided to buy 1.5-ton Split AC in India? Here are some best models just for your knowledge. It will help you to decide on your choice of AC. Online!!

Anything online is an accessible, hassle-free and easy way in today’s era. Then why not 1.5-ton air conditioner online? Are you confused? It is possible. We must thank several e-commerce websites, very popular in India.

There are various latest models of 1.5-ton air conditioners with different brands. Here are a few examples, Panasonic, LG, Hitachi, Carrier, Daikin, Sanyo and Lloyd. And believe me, they are available at the lowest prices. They save your electricity bill, you can buy the 4-star and 5-star models.

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