Best Washing Machine In India Below 15000 – Latest Update

One of the most important appliances for any home is the humble washing machine. It has made the chore of washing clothes an easy and simple task. Are you considering to buy a washing machine for yourself but not sure which option to pick? Confused between the top load and front load variants? Unsure about the best brands in the market? Don’t worry. This comprehensive review of the best washing machines in India under 15,000 INR can help you get all the information that you need to make a well-informed choice.

Best Washing Machines in India Under 15000

  1. Whirlpool 6 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Superb Atom 60I, Tulip Pink)

Best Washing Machine in India Below 15000

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This is a very well reputed brand in the washing machine industry and if you are looking something very reasonable, this is the one to go for that. This washing machine from Whirlpool is available under 10,000 Rs which is perfectly able to clean stubborn spot from the clothes easily. The only thing is it requires a bit of manual efforts as this is a semi-automatic one. However, when you will have a look at the excellent features, it will really make you feel happy. More about its features, key specifications, pros and cons are explained here in details.

What to expect from the machine?

This is a very reliable product from Whirlpool, which comes with a bundle of features packed. However, among all, the most exciting feature is the smart station scrub and waterproof panel. The smart scrub station allows you to scrub the clothes standing tall. The flow back design also allows water and detergent to flow back in the tub smoothly.

Another interesting feature is the waterproof panel. The panel is designed so that it remains protected from the water seeping inside. The 66L large tub is a great benefit that washes the clothes smoothly by freely moving them in the big 66l large tub.


  • It is a top-loading semi-automatic washing machine
  • The capacity is 6 kg
  • It comes with 2 years warranty on the product and two years on the motor
  • The 1400 rpm spin speed which allows faster drying time


  • This is a highly economical washing machine that can save water and energy at the best.
  • This comes at a very reasonable cost.
  • It is equipped with special features like the smart scrub station and waterproof panel
  • This washing machine arrives with an efficient and powerful motor to give the clothes a thorough wash.
  • There is a multi-utility tray which allows you to sort dirty clothes. You can also carry dry clothes in it easily.
  • Higher spin speed of 1400 rpm is another great


  • The only con is that it requires manual effort.

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2. Whirlpool 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Whitemagic Classic 621S, Grey)

Washing Machine Under 15000 in India

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Coming from a reputable brand like Whirlpool, the fully automatic top-loaded washing machine is one of the most popular options in its segment. It comes pre-loaded with a wide range of features that can help make your chore of washing clothes very simple and easy. It can take a load of 6.2kg per cycle and is ideal for families with 3-4 members. The unique 6th sense technology determines the quantity and type of load and adjusts the water level accordingly. Express wash feature also reduces the wash time by 30%, helping you save water, detergent and time.

What to expect from the machine?

Coming from a brand like Whirlpool, you don’t have to worry about getting inferior quality products and parts. The superior engineering ensures the long life of the machine with the highest efficiency for you each time.

Another key feature of the machine is that it works perfectly fine, even in areas with low water pressure.


  • The capacity of 6.2kg load
  • 12 wash programs
  • Simple and intuitive controls that help you start washing in just 3 buttons
  • ZPF technology fills tub 50% faster and gives you a perfect wash even during low water pressure

The numerous benefits of this machine make it one of the best washing machines in India.


  • Power scrub technology helps you wash the whites more efficiently
  • 12 Different wash programs- To handle different kinds of loads and material, there are 12 wash programs for you to choose from
  • Has features and options for sensitive fabric


  • There are many washing machines today at a similar price range that come with an inbuilt heater. The bosh washing machine does not have one.

3. Samsung 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA60M4100HY/TL, Imperial Silver)

Top Washing Machine in India Under Rs 15000

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Samsung is a brand that most of us are familiar with. Being more than 80 years old, it is a South Korean company that is well known for producing quality gadgets and technology. This machine is no exception. It is a fully automatic washing machine which is top loading. The machine features a unique Diamond Drum technology that reduces textile damage by almost 34% when compared to conventional washing machines. This is achieved through relatively smaller holes in the machine enclosed in a diamond shape that prevents the fabric from sticking out and getting damaged.

What to expect from the machine?

Coming from a brand like Samsung, it is definitely a reliable product that is worth considering if you are looking for a washing machine.

With its unique Air turbo drying system, it makes your clothes come out dry in a much shorter span of time. The machine also takes up less water and uses a concentrated water spray system to dispense detergent and conditioners more evenly among the clothes. This leads to lesser residue after the wash and ensures maximum efficiency. The high number of features that you get makes it one of the best buy options when it comes to washing machines in India under 15000.


  • Comes with 6 wash programs for you to choose from that handles all kinds of loads and fabric.
  • Powerful 680RPM for deep-cleaning.
  • The load capacity of 6 kg
  • 2 Years manufacture complete warranty from Samsung along with 2 years warranty on the motor. 


  • Coming from a popular brand like Samsung, you don’t have to worry about after sales support or service. They offer excellent customer service, which can be easily accessible from any part of the country.
  • The build quality is very good, that ensures the long life of the machine. It also comes with a toughened glass that you can see through.
  • Powerful wash cycles due to strong motor power.


  • No inbuilt heaters.
  • Learning the UI and functions of all buttons can be relatively challenging.

4. LG 7.5 kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (P8541R3SA, Burgundy)

Buy Washing Machine Under 15000 in India

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There are still a lot of people who prefer the semi-automatic washing machine variants when compared to the fully automatic ones. What is the difference? Semi-automatic variants have separate drums for washing and drying due to which some people consider it to be more effective. This washing machine from LG is one of the best budget semi-automatic machines that you can find today. The unique technology available in the product helps you to get even the toughest stains out and helps you dry clothes much faster than the conventional methods. If you are considering a semi-automatic washing machine, this product is one of the best buy options.

What to expect when you buy the machine?

LG has created a name for itself in the house appliances industry over the last 7 decades. Due to which, you can expect very good after-sales support and service for your product. In terms of product efficiency, the top loading LG washing machine is very highly rated by its customers. The 7.5kg load capacity makes it ideal for large families where there are more than 5 people in the household.


  • The load capacity of 7.5kg with maximum RPM of 1400
  • Top loading semi-automatic washing machine which is free standing
  • 2 years of a comprehensive warranty.


  • High RPM of 1400. The higher the rotation speed, cleaning becomes more efficient. The 1400RPM capable motor is very powerful and lets you to clean out even the toughest stains with ease.
  • 5 kg load capacity makes it suitable for large families.
  • Comes with a collar scrubber that you can use to get the tough stains out.
  • Has 3 easy to use wash programs using which you can wash the fabric.


  • Doesn’t have the convenience of a fully automatic machine. You have to manually load the clothes in the dryer drum after the wash cycle completes.

5. Haier 6 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (HWM60-10, Grey)

Buy Affordable Washing Machine in India

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The fully automatic washing machine from Haier is one of the best selling variants in fully automatic variants. It comes in an attractive price range and offers a wide range of pros and benefits that you cannot find in competitors. At an affordable cost, the machine has a maximum RPM of 1000. The powerful motor is quite capable of getting out tough stains and ensuring that your washes are efficient. The anti-rust plastic body of the machines ensures long life and durability.

What to expect when you buy Haier?

Being a Chinese company, Haier is well known for its affordable price range and technologically advanced products. The machine comes along with 2 years of product warranty and 5 years of warranty on the motor. The design is easy and intuitive. Due to the smaller load capacity, it is ideal for smaller families, couples or bachelors.


  • It has a load capacity of 6kg and max RPM 1000.
  • Rust free body and digital display.
  • 6 easy to use wash programs that you can choose accordingly.
  • Efficient power consumption of 325W


  • Very low noise from the machine and compact design make it ideal for small homes.
  • High 1000rpm gets better wash quality and drying speed.
  • Contains a display with useful information that even shows how much time is remaining for the wash cycle to complete.
  • Due to the special size of drum holes, the fabric will not get damaged.


  • The capacity of the drum is quite small- 6kg. So you cannot wash a lot of clothes at the same time.

6. Godrej GWF 650 FC Fully-automatic Top-loading Washing Machine (6.5 Kg, Carmine Red)

Washing Machine Under 15000 in India Buy Online

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Coming from a regular name in almost every household, the Godrej fully automatic top-loading washing machine is very efficient and powerful. It has a powerful 800RPM motor that helps you dry clothes faster and gets more efficient wash cycles. Water is a scarce commodity. It is important that you save every drop. The Godrej machine is programmed to do just that. Using an intelligent sensor, it determines the required water level as per the load size and quantity. This helps to avoid wastage of water and increases the efficiency of the machine.

What to expect from the machine?

The Godrej washing machine has a lot of inbuilt technology and features that are programmed to optimize your wash cycle.  It even lets you save your preferred settings so that you can access it quickly and start washing with the click of a button. With intelligent sensors, it offers dry tap protection to your machine. This means that in the event of inlet water slowing down or stopping, the machine goes into hibernation and resumes operation only when it detects normal flow. The load balancer tech ensures your clothes are safe by stopping the machine in the event of an imbalanced load across the drum.


  • 5 kg wash load capacity with a 1000RPM motor.
  • 2 years of comprehensive warranty on the product.
  • Water optimizer feature that ensures you do not waste any water.


  • The wash quality is excellent both in terms of the cleaning process and in the consumption of resources such as water or detergent.
  • The machine automatically protects itself in situations such as low water pressure, uneven load, power cuts, etc.
  • Determines the water level needed on its own and helps avoid wastage or overutilization.
  • Smart rinse feature helps you add more water and clean out excess detergent.


  • Only 3 wash programs to choose from. So you have to settle with generic choices for a wide range of fabric which may not always be the best option.

7. Whirlpool 9 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (ACE XL 9-, Full Body Grey)

Book Reasonable Washing Machine Under 15000 in India

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One of the best sellers in its variant, this semi-automatic washing machine ticks all the boxes when it comes to an efficient product. Coming from a brand like Whirlpool, you can be assured that the quality and efficiency of the machine is very high. One of the biggest advantages is the high load capacity of 9 kg, which is significantly higher than its competition at the same price range. This can help you get more washing done with fewer cycles. This is an excellent product for families where more frequent washing is required. The only trade-off is that it is a semi-automatic variant and requires a little manual intervention to fully complete the wash cycle.

What to expect?

The machine is shockproof and waterproof. This means that you don’t have to worry about leaving it in unsafe environments. The unique 3D scrub technology gets out even the toughest stains making your wash highly efficient.

Additionally, enjoy a high quality of after sales service and support. This is without any doubt one of the best washing machines in India under Rs 15000.


  • The high load capacity of 9 kg
  • Quicker and more efficient washing thanks to the 3D scrub technology
  • Works well even in hard water conditions
  • High RPM motor ensures fast drying


  • Doesn’t have the convenience of a fully automatic variant.

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