Best Top Load Washing Machine In India – 2019 Update

Are you looking for a washing machine? Top load washing machines are just what you need. Not only would they improve your washing experience but also would clean your clothes in a way never done before. After using them, you would start to wonder why you had not been using them before?

Following are the 6 best top load washing machines which you must consider before buying yourself a new washing machine:

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 1. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (T7581NDDLG, Middle Free Silver)

Best Top Load Washing Machine in India

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LG is one of the leading washing machine manufacturers in the world. It is famous for its exceptional and unique products. Every product of LG fulfills its slogan of “Life’s Good” by making the life of consumer relaxing and stress-free.

LG T7581NDDLG is designed to give you optimum washing experience. Its measurements of 540 x 540 x 870 are ideal for the consumer adding to that its simple and unique structure works as the icing on the top. This washing machine has high durability; on the other hand, produces low vibration and noise that makes it stand out among the rest.


This washing machine has a capacity of 6.5 kg. It’s one of the special features is the  Smart Inverter Technology that abolishes the futile operation by efficiently controlling energy use. It contains a waterproof motor that doesn’t corrode, which enables the machine to last longer.


  • 3-Step Wash makes the water flow in a vertical direction which assists in mixing laundry and giving ideal washing outcome. This is the washing machine you want if you want your clothes to look like new after the laundry.
  • The Smart Diagnosis technology identifies the problems itself, saving one the trouble of calling the technician and spending extra money.
  • Its Spin Speed of 700 rpm mixes the detergent completely with water reducing the detergent residue significantly.
  • Turbo Drum feature lets a powerful wash by removing the toughest stains while protecting the clothes from shredding.
  • It has a 2-year warranty on the product and10-year warranty on the motor.


  • It is not ideal for large joint families comprising of 15 to 20 people. It is best suitable for nuclear families.
  • If you want your product to be unique, then don’t buy this as it is common throughout India.

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2.Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WOE654W0IN, White)

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Bosch, being one of the leading washing machine manufacturers in India, has introduced high-quality top loading washing machines.


Following are some of the striking features of Bosch WOE654W0IN 6.5 KG Top loading washing machine

  • It has a capacity of 6.5 Kg.
  • Its revolution speed of around 680 rpm.
  • It also possesses Power Wave Wash
  • The consumer will also get a 2-year warranty upon the purchase of a new product


  • It is available in 6 different colors and contains an exceptionally user-friendly control panel.
  • The magic filter is efficient in collecting loose threads and other fabric waste from your laundry.
  • It possesses the ability to function effectively at water pressure levels of 0.3 bar
  • The child lock system ensures that no settings is being changed by your kid.


  • It should be installed by bosch personnel only as local installers have reportedly ruined the product.
  • Certain replacement issues have been reported by the consumers of this product.

3. Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Whitemagic Premier 702SD, Grey)

Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Whirlpool is another leading brand of washing machines manufacturer in India along with LG, Samsung, and the others. Whirlpool prepares some of the most elegant washing machines in India.


  • It has an automatic top loading model
  • It contains the capacity of 6.2 Kg
  • It has a unique agipeller design
  • It has a revolution Spin Speed of 740 rpm
  • A 2-year warranty is also being given along with the new product


  • The amazing power scrub technology of this machine keeps the whiteness of your clothes.
  • This machine can even work at the low water pressures up to 0.017Mpa.
  • This machine possesses a lint filter cleaner that cleans lint from the lint filter.
  • It contains the feature of four wash programs to wash each type of fabric perfectly.


  • The outlet water pipe of Whirlpool White Magic Premier is held up by a clip and that clip sometimes comes off during rinse and spin stage when the machine shakes
  • The high-speed spinning sometimes pulls out buttons or random stitches from clothes.

 4. Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WA65M4205HV/TL, Light Grey)

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Samsung is a giant in the tech industry. Along with LG, Whirlpool, and other prominent brands, it creates some of the best washing machines in India. Samsung washing machines possess a lot of innovative features.


  • It has the Capability of 6.5 Kg which is ideal for an average Indian family
  • It possesses the revolution Spin speed of 800 rpm
  • It also has the Center Jet Pulsator feature
  • It comes with 2 years warranty


  • Samsung washing machines contain tempered glass viewing lids which can endure high pressure
  • Diamond-shaped ridges provide cushioning for your garment and protect them from tearing up
  • The waterfall function makes certain that detergent is mixed properly giving the consumer the best washing experience
  • The air turbo facility of this machine helps extract more water from laundry as a result of which the drying time is reduced.
  • This washing machine also contains a magic filter that collects loose threads, lint, dirt, and other materials to keep your clothes soft and clean


  • The feature of auto restart doesn’t work in some products. When the water supply in the washing machine gets stopped, there is no beep alert
  • Certain reports have been observed stating the problem regarding the installation of the product

 5. BPL 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (BFATL62K1, Grey)

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BPL is one of the famous local manufacturers of washing machines in India. These washing machines are best suited for Indian conditions i.e. low pressure, power outages and salty water.


  • It has a capacity of 6.2 Kg.
  • It possesses the revolution spin speed of 750 rpm
  • Its stainless steel drum has a longer life as it does not corrode
  • The automatic imbalance correction feature creates balance in laundry load to wash your clothes perfectly
  • One year warranty is given on the purchase of the new product


  • One of the benefits of using this washing machine is that it shuts down itself immediately after completing the washing activity
  • It contains a unique air dryer system that takes any moisture from the clothes
  • This machine has one of the most user-friendly digital interfaces that enables the consumer to use this product easily.
  • This BPL product also contains 10 wash programs so that one can differentiate between the diverse types of cloths effortlessly with the wash selector
  • Water selector is also among one of this machines mind-boggling features that saver the wastage of extra water


  • BPL post-sale services are not rated highly by the consumers
  • The detergent dispenser is not present in this machine
  • Complains have been observed regarding the inability of this product to filter out the lint during the wash

 6. IFB 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (TL-RDW 6.5kg Aqua, Ivory White)

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Similar to Bosch, IFB is also an international giant manufacturing company with some of the best washing machine products in the world. IFB has started developing top load washing machines recently realizing the potential in the massive Indian market.


  • It has a capacity of 6.5 kg that is ideal for the usage of small families
  • It contains the revolution spin speed of 720 rpm
  • There is also a 4-year warranty on the product and its motor
  • Its deep clean feature is amazing that cleans clothes by removing all the dirty stains
  • It also has the Triadic Pulsator cleaning engine that shines the clothes by removing stubborn dirt particles efficiently


  • Its Aqua Spa Therapy feature gets rid of the stains from clothes by taking them through a water treatment process
  • The Aqua Energie feature is a work of magic. It energizes the water which results in the detergent getting inside the clothes to remove the hidden stains as well as dirt.
  • The smart sense feature automatically realizes the imbalance in laundry and provides water, detergent and sets a number of rinse cycles accordingly.
  • It also has the voltage fluctuation feature that protects your machine when there are rapid power outages or immense voltage flux.
  • Its dual dispenser feature allows the consumer to use detergent and soap simultaneously. One can also pour bleach directly from the bottle using a separate dispenser.
  • The bubble leveler in its physical appearance is present to decrease the number of vibrations
  • The washing drum contains a crescent moon shaped grooves that protect the clothes from damage


  • Complains have been registered regarding the customer care service of IFB
  • Some instances of the defective product being sold have also been observed
  • Products have also been ruined while being installed by the inexperienced technicians


Top load washing machines are ideal for washing clothes. There are many varieties of top load washing machines available in India. However, before choosing your washing machine, it is advised to keep all of the above points in mind. So that you may have the most comfortable washing experience.

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